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  1. Doug Humbarger

    4" Ivory Backpocket

    Now that is an awesome knife Keith. I really like everything about it. You hit it out of the park!
  2. Doug Humbarger

    Wild Country #2 Bowie

    Excellent Romey.
  3. Doug Humbarger

    Solder/braze free Habaki

    Thanks Dwane. I appreciate that.
  4. Doug Humbarger

    (MLL KNIVES) - N690 stainless steel - Black Ebony handle.

    Very nice knife. Well designed & I like the ergonomics.
  5. Doug Humbarger

    My latest bowie

    Great work Ziozeb. Well done!
  6. Doug Humbarger

    Dragon's Tail

    I'm posting this for my friend Tim Potier. He has named it Dragon's Tail. Made from an harriers rasp.
  7. Doug Humbarger

    Solder/braze free Habaki

    Thank you Frank. Especially coming from you. My next attempts will be out of Damascus then one out of mokume.
  8. Doug Humbarger

    Solder/braze free Habaki

    Since I pretty much suck at soldering/brazing I was looking for an easier way to make a habaki. This is what I came up with. A blade is more or less a flattened circle. Sooo measure the flats on the blade; in the case of my dagger there are four flats. Each flat is .625. .625x4= 2.5 which...
  9. Doug Humbarger

    Some shinny steel and UGLY wood

    You have a winner there Jim. Congratulations.
  10. Doug Humbarger


    Thanks Tia. I appreciate that. I just have to master the technique. I think that I have been using too much heat & messing thing up.
  11. Doug Humbarger


    Tia I really like the artistry of that knife. How do you blend the ends on the twisted copper wire together where they meet so that the ends don't show. I really have trouble with that.
  12. Doug Humbarger

    Lewis chessmen warder inspired handle

    Now that is awesome! He kinda looks familiar. :cool:
  13. Doug Humbarger

    Bear Trap - Alatalo Custom Scandi

    Absolutley stunning! I would really love to see a WIP on that piece of art.
  14. Doug Humbarger

    Coye 105

    Very nice Bill. How many layers is in that blade? It really pops!
  15. Doug Humbarger

    Forged compact hunter with blackwood

    Sweet John! :35:
  16. Doug Humbarger

    No Frills Knife

    I really like that knife Keith. Well done my friend.
  17. Doug Humbarger

    forgrd integral in F3

    Beautiful work. Why no eye protection?
  18. Doug Humbarger

    guards and butt caps

    303S stainless is MUCH easier to work with.