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    First slip joint

    That knife turned out great. Nice swedge and width. Should be a nice carry!
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    Get organized! My spin on a 2x72 belt rack.

    Enjoyed your video Anthony!
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    Dust collection

    After watching Ed's videos a while back - I went the same route as he suggests. I use a bucket of water and a shop-vac. I have my shop vac connected to a dust deputy and connected them to furnace vent I had lying around. I only use the dust collection for handle work. I think a set up where the...
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    First slipjount, spring question.

    Ditto on what Eric stated. Practice it first. Use the lowest heat you can on a propane torch, be patient, and remember that once you start getting color change, it happens quickly so don't over do it. I always sit on a stool or chair when I temper with a torch so I don't get antsy and try to...
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    Advice for folder

    I'll throw in my two cents from a newby perspective. I've built about a dozen slipjoints now. I've switched to stainless, but my first few were with O1 and it worked really well. Looking at heat treat info for 1084, there should be no reason you can't use it for springs too. I can heartily...
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    First Framelock WIP

    That's really looking great Justin. I bet that 30 minutes seemed like 3 hours! I'm really enjoying following your progress. Keep up the great work.
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    A still small voice...

    Thanks for sharing your story. It's a great reminder to be still and listen. I often find that when I'm working with my hands, that it creates a "stillness" in me that other "work" just does not do, and it is those times that I find myself quiet and ready to listen.
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    Mammoth Ivory Slipjoint for ICCE.

    That's a real beauty Calvin!
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    I'm back in school....cause I can

    Thanks Boss and Ken on your feedback. I'm enjoying reading through the experience of going back to school!
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    I'm back in school....cause I can

    Hi Boss, I have a question about your post. I'm just an amateur making slippies and I'm trying to understand what it takes to make folders such as flippers. I watched your video on making flippers with Les, so I've got a basic idea that it can be done with "simple" tools. Do you feel it can't...
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    Another NUB

    Welcome aboard. This is a great place to find information on just about all aspects of knife making. I'm in Cincy, but work in Dayton. Feel free to send me a message - always fun to get to know other makers nearby.
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    Man I am getting tired of this!!!

    Just feeze your credit. Those credit monitoring companies have built a business on something that is ridiculous. If you freeze your credit, there is nothing that needs to be monitored! Doesn't cost much - you have to freeze it with all three of the goofball agencies. Then nothing can happen. If...
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    Poor man's nail nick

    Well said. I'm not a real visual person nor am I good at putting visual terms into words, but that is a really good explanation. The straight part of the nail nick is slightly convexed with the diamond grinding wheel method. While it's not a perfect 90 degree angle to the blade, the nail still...
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    Poor man's nail nick

    Thanks Lawrence. I'll have to research the chainsaw thing. I remember once seeing a machining book where a guy took an ordinary 6" bench grinder and built some sort of jig to hold the blade and make the nick, but can't remember the book anymore and seems a bit of work.
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    Poor man's nail nick

    Thanks Ken. I've been thinking about it and experimenting off and on for a few months - so the old noggin is kind of slow, but it gets there eventually. Really enjoy seeing the slippies you are putting out.
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    Poor man's nail nick

    Hi All, I'm a newb when it comes to folders (for about 8 months). My skills have been starting to increase lately and my knives have started to look nicer, but without a proper nail nick....well you looks off. I continue to save for both a proper mill and surface grinder. In the mean...
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    Washer making WIP

    Hi Calvin. Thanks for the great tutorial. Love the info you share. Question - have you tried different thicknesses of washers? Curious if you prefer one thickness over another? I've been using teflon, but definitely going to pick up some bronze now!
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    Texas Cowboy Bowie

    The detail on the guard, spacers and handle are awesome. Really fine craftsmanship.
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    WIPstagram - American Tanto progress

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    Need help with vegetable cleaver handle

    Thanks Randy. I appreciate your time getting me going!