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  1. pocomoonskyeyes

    1st Done WIP

    Yep, I think someone now has the "Bug"!! Nice!!
  2. pocomoonskyeyes


    Told you you would like this site! Welcome Home.
  3. pocomoonskyeyes

    Ernie Now has a Heat treat oven!!!!!!!!!

    I'm Happy for you Ernie! Glad you are progressing so well!
  4. pocomoonskyeyes

    Red Feather

    I love this 'Hawk! It's a Beauty!
  5. pocomoonskyeyes

    Ricasso/Plunge line

    Thank you for mentioning William Scagel. I have heard the name many times but never looked for pictures of his actual work. This is precisely the look/style that I am shooting for. I found some pictures online and this style was exactly what I was thinking of in regards to plunge line at the...
  6. pocomoonskyeyes

    Ricasso/Plunge line

    Whew! I thought I was breaking some unwritten Knife Making Rule! Thanks for the feedback, I feel a lot better now.:5:
  7. pocomoonskyeyes

    Ricasso/Plunge line

    LOL well there is a Plunge per se, It's just hard to see in the picture. It is from just at the back side of the forward finger choil and "sweeps" up from there. The breaks at the Plunge I have had were with really cheap knives when I was a kid. Tried splitting some Tough branches and Prying...
  8. pocomoonskyeyes

    Ricasso/Plunge line

    Is a plunge at the ricasso really necessary? It seems that every knife I have ever had break was at the ricasso plunge line. Granted they were all El Cheapo's that did this, but it seems that this is/would be a weak point in a blade. On my latest knife attempt I just beveled it up to the...
  9. pocomoonskyeyes

    I am a knife maker!!!!!!

    Looks WAY better than my first one! Great job!
  10. pocomoonskyeyes

    Unable to make Blade 2010

    I am Heartbroken. I wanted so much to go but We lost a U-joint and there goes that.... Tracy I contacted Mr.Ritter at Kniferights.Org as I had already purchased My tickets for the "Sharper Future" Breakfast. He is transferring that slot to you. I'm sure someone can use it. Maybe next year.....
  11. pocomoonskyeyes

    Fire Starter Giveaway

    Way to go Bill!! Congratulations!! Thanks for the GAW Jeff!
  12. pocomoonskyeyes

    Fire Starter Giveaway

    Put me down for my last entry, I'm in. Thank you so much for doing this!! That P-38 is enough to enter for, It's the "Real Deal", not an imitation or knock-off!!
  13. pocomoonskyeyes

    n00b here

    Man You're gonna' love this place!! Welcome!!
  14. pocomoonskyeyes

    Hello All

    Glad to have you!!
  15. pocomoonskyeyes

    Fire Starter Giveaway

    Well let me be the first for a new day!! I'm in again!!
  16. pocomoonskyeyes

    Fire Starter Giveaway

    Entry #3 I'm in again!! Thanks!!
  17. pocomoonskyeyes

    Handle Material GAW

    Thank you Chris!! Congratulations Archer Moon!!!
  18. pocomoonskyeyes

    Fire Starter Giveaway

    Here I am for my second entry! Thank you sir, I'm in!
  19. pocomoonskyeyes

    Maker's Mark & Logo GAW

    That's cool Rock!!
  20. pocomoonskyeyes

    Fire Starter Giveaway

    I'm in Thanks! That looks pretty cool!!