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  1. Drew Riley

    Sharpening a Knife with a Belly (Inside Curve)

    You have to use a narrow belt, and/or favor just the corner of your platen with the belt tracked over. Just be careful not to slice your belt. If you can reverse the belt, all the better.
  2. Drew Riley

    Knife stencils

    I bought the P700 with the stencil tape a couple years or so ago. I played around with it a bit, but never used it to mark any knives. The labels are definitely a "one and done" sort of thing. My biggest issue, as loffman points out above, is that it does have a low DPI, so that small font...
  3. Drew Riley

    clamp tool

    Wish I'd have seen that drawing before I made mine! hahah Actually, it looks like I got pretty close just from eyeballing, so all's well that ends well. ;) Here's mine: And here's a test clamp on the first "body" that I messed up on. I used a wire that's probably twice as heavy as it needs...
  4. Drew Riley

    clamp tool

    That's pretty slick. No doubt a little more economical than other hose clamp options, and it also eliminates the need to have a bunch of different sizes. You may have just caused me another project.
  5. Drew Riley

    Carbide Straightening Hammer

    From my understanding, most of the dimples/stress points are typically ground or polished out, if the dimples are even noticeable. I do recall seeing a demo from Murray Carter where he hammered on a blade for about 15 to 20 minutes only to have it snap in half at the end of the demo. :oops: I...
  6. Drew Riley

    Carbide Straightening Hammer

    Most auto punches have a tension adjustment that can increase or decrease the force of the punch. I'd also probably modify the point to not be as sharp so that the dimples aren't as deep or sharp.
  7. Drew Riley

    Carbide Straightening Hammer

    I made a "straightening punch" out of an old carbide endmill and a scrap of round bar. Just drill out the center of the round bar, taper to taste, insert your carbide and shape the end to a rounded point with a diamond wheel, or chuck into a drill and work with a diamond pad. I too was surprised...
  8. Drew Riley

    PID Controlled Tempering Ovens

    Good catch. I didn't see that.
  9. Drew Riley

    PID Controlled Tempering Ovens

    BTW, if you go with a controller similar to the one I posted, just make sure it can handle the wattage on your oven. Most small toaster ovens are probably only 1000 to 1100W or so, but if it runs a little higher than that, there are similar controllers out there with higher capacity.
  10. Drew Riley

    PID Controlled Tempering Ovens

    If you want to save a few bucks while simplifying things quite a bit, they do make "plug and play" temp controllers like this one: Just plug your oven into the outlet, insert the TC (you'll probably want to drill a hole somewhere around the middle side or rear of the...
  11. Drew Riley


    If I'm not mistaken, USN was in the middle of migrating servers/upgrading the forum software when they ran into some issues. I believe the owners of the forum had a house flood or something as well. They do have a Facebook group for the interim ("USN V2" if I recall), and I believe there was...
  12. Drew Riley

    Florida hurricane...

    My in-laws live on Pine Island. My father-in-law was home during the hurricane. My mother-in-law happened to extend her visit to my house an extra week, so she was here with us in Indiana. Unfortunately, it looks like they have lost nearly everything. Communication has been spotty to say the...
  13. Drew Riley

    New toy

    Looks good! I think I remember seeing something similar at my last job. We used it for making gaskets for some of valves we worked on and what not.
  14. Drew Riley

    Shields and Maker's Marks

    The vast majority of makers who use shield are using traditional shield patterns. As others have said, they're available from a small number of suppliers. (IIRC, Leading Edge Fabrication still offers them, as well as the parser plates.) There's no set rule per say. Then again, there are a small...
  15. Drew Riley

    ULU for my brother

    Cool design. On the next one, I'd try adding a primary bevel to thin the edge out even more, or even just taking your edge up a bit higher. For cleaning up excess epoxy squeeze out, I normally do one of two things: 1) I'll let the excess dry to a semi-hard state and pick it off with a sharpened...
  16. Drew Riley


    Best thing you can do is report the individual posts as spam and move on.
  17. Drew Riley

    Blades Warping

    I've got a pile of 1/8" shank carbide endmills that I've broken one way or another. Last night I chucked one into my hand drill and rounded the end off with a ceramic belt. I then just press fit it into the end of a scrap piece of 9/16" diameter stainless round that I had laying around, and now...
  18. Drew Riley

    Blades Warping

    Well, I just tried your advise, and now instead of a U shaped blade, I have a W shaped blade. :rolleyes:
  19. Drew Riley

    More Dumb Questions about Mills (tooling edition)

    If you can, get a mill with an R8 compatible spindle. Along with that, you'll need an R8 collet set. I wouldn't recommend getting the cheapest set you can find, but you don't necessarily need the most expensive either. Next you'll want a decent Vise. Get an actual milling machine vise...
  20. Drew Riley

    Equipment info

    There's a good chance yours is single in/ 220 "3 phase" out. Your motor name plate will usually say the phase of the motor. Single to single VFDs do exist, but they're few and far between, and not that great for grinder applications. Of course, you also have DC motors and controls, which will...