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  1. Stuart Willis

    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Beautiful work as always. Thanks for the WIP it is truly an inspiration.
  2. Stuart Willis

    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Thanks for another WIP Bruce, I really do look forward to these.
  3. Stuart Willis

    BF Hacked???

    Was on it about 2 o'clock PM eastern. Change pages and it give the virus message. Have not been able to get back on.
  4. Stuart Willis

    Spike Tomahawk

    Here's a spike tomahawk forged from a 24oz. U.S. made ball peen hammer. Differentially heat treated. Aged patina. Handle is curly maple. O.A.L of head: 8 1/2 in. Blade Width:2 7/8 in. Spike Length from Center of eye: 4 in. Handle length: 19 in. Per the manufacture, The steel in the hammer...
  5. Stuart Willis

    The Strauss Pirate 36 caliber

    Thanks for another Bruce. I Love these cut and shoot WIP's and has been way to long.
  6. Stuart Willis

    a few hawks

    Nice work and welcome.
  7. Stuart Willis

    Rail hawk

    Beautiful work!!!!!
  8. Stuart Willis

    Pipe Hawk from Rail Clip

    Truely amazing work. Be sure and post a pic after you get the handle finished.
  9. Stuart Willis

    Just got this done for my son

    Very nice IG. Your son will be proud.
  10. Stuart Willis


    Here is a few. First one a traditional looking spike Another spike with a little pewter added to the handle. A plain pipe with no moulding or embellishments A hammer poll pipe with curly maple and pewter And a reforged ball peen hammer
  11. Stuart Willis


    Prayers Sent. Sorry for your loss
  12. Stuart Willis

    The Newell .45 cal front loader

    I love these WIP threads you do Bruce. Thanks for sharing and this is going to another nice one.
  13. Stuart Willis

    Gator Leg and Cable

    Very nice,Wade. I really do like the gator
  14. Stuart Willis

    Knife Give away for Monday Night!!! free get in on it here..

    Congrats Midnight. Thanks Tracy
  15. Stuart Willis

    Knife Give away for Monday Night!!! free get in on it here..

    just got my spam. Thanks Tracy. I'll take 434
  16. Stuart Willis

    Hamon Tutorial -LOTS of pics

    Thanks for taking the time to do this Stephen.
  17. Stuart Willis

    Small Bowie w/walrus

  18. Stuart Willis

    Morning!...From Montana

    Howdy Ed, Theres just something about morning coffee and forums
  19. Stuart Willis

    Hi yall!

    Howdy cooter , We have found us another place.
  20. Stuart Willis

    S.Willis forge

    If you get a chance stop by