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  1. Rick Otts

    Kmg platen 12" wheel small wheel attchment OBM sga 3000,00 SOLD!

    KMG 2HP platen 12"wheel plus a OBM sga .Asking 3200..Many extras for $ pickup only upstate NY. Oven sold! New price on KMG 3200.00
  2. Rick Otts

    Congrats Gene!

  3. Rick Otts

    Parks 50

    Boss man is F A S T !
  4. Rick Otts

    New at stabilizing wood.

    There are plenty of videos also.
  5. Rick Otts

    Two Unfinished - better pics

    Great work Z Man!
  6. Rick Otts

    Paracord wrap on Kydex sheath...

    Very nice work Ted!
  7. Rick Otts

    tactical bowie/kydex combo...

    Great work Ted I really like it!
  8. Rick Otts

    Anyone heard from Ed?

    Yeah I seen him on FB.
  9. Rick Otts

    Integral question...

    I think Kimmi was talking about it about a week or 2 ago.
  10. Rick Otts

    Small Bowie in Damascus and Stag

    Very nice OP!
  11. Rick Otts

    A Hunter, a Boner, and a Chef Don’t Walk into a Bar

    Very nice work there Kevin!
  12. Rick Otts

    Not funny to me April fools

    Yeah I agree with Ed on this Pops has did me right and is fast.I have used Tru Grit but takes a lil longer.
  13. Rick Otts

    No more blisters!

    That is sweet Gene congrats!
  14. Rick Otts

    A knife for me...!!

    Nice looking knife Ted!
  15. Rick Otts

    Hard milling versus grinding.....

    Yeah that guy who sells the Bevel jig sits.
  16. Rick Otts

    Block handles

    This would make a great video Ed!
  17. Rick Otts

    hard milling follow up...

    Top shelf there buddy!
  18. Rick Otts

    Happy Birthday! (to me)

    Happy Birthday!