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    Looking for NorCal knife maker

    I’m a maker myself but am staying with family in Mendocino County, away from my grinders, etc. Looking for someone nearby to grind some pre-cut anodized stainless blanks. Also heat treat for me. This is a simple, smallish pattern, maybe 4” blade. Looking or pricing on lots of 5. Cheers, Yager
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    Is poplar popular?

    All My boy (age 50) came across some poplar logs here in N. Calif and we’ve milled some gorgeous burly slabs. I’m into wood stabilizing using Cactus Juice and love the process and the results. I get stainless knife blanks from the BIG DOG who sponsors this forum, and I make kitchen cutlery using...
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    Searching for Santoku blanks.

    Hey ya'll. I’m looking for stainless santoku style blanks. 6” cutting edge, 11” overall, 3/32 steel, full tang, 3 holes in handle. I usually buy these from the BIG DOG but they’re out at the moment. In fact you could use the specs off their inventory item "Chefmaker 6 inch Santoku" blank. I’d...
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    Burning Handles

    Couple of more "fun with handle etching" examples. These were done on already completed knives which means it’s kind of a sudden death situation. Like, if something goes wrong, TS. Rip it out and start over. It’s hard to index the pattern front and back. You’d think you could just "endo" the...
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    Burning Handles

    Ken, yeah that link to Amazon looks about right. The 40 watt reference is confusing, it’s a 5 watt machine, way too small to etch metal. Logo on blade is electro etched.
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    Burning Handles

    So, the laser I’m using is an AtomStack A5, Model L40, 5 watts. This has roughly 18 X 18” work area. Comes unassembled but if you’re a maker this will not be a problem because instructions are in German, French, Mandarin. Oh, yeh, English too. Very easy. With lasers and CNC everything is...
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    Burning Handles

    Coming right up, Bruce
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    Burning Handles

    Hey Dogs I’ve been working on laser etching wooden handles for kitchen/other knives. I’ve tried a bunch of fancy stuff but this simple pattern is the best so far. Actually the FIRST so far 'cause I’m not sure of the sequence. I see two possible ways of doing this. 1) Mount up everything ahead of...
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    Equipment info

    You can save a pack of money by getting a 2X72 grinder w/o the variable speed motor. A stout 2 HP single speed unit will do the work for years while you look for or build the variable speed.
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    Latest pocketknife

    Sweet! Is the inlay a cross or a sword? Do you make the inlay pieces from scratch?
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    Wood for knife handles

    Apple Wood - nice stuff with interesting "eyes" in some pieces. A neighbor in Mendocino, CA has an orchard and he lets me scrounge his cuttings. I’d guess that there are 100's of apple varieties, but the stuff I get is hard and will polish well. Worst case, it’s great wood for smoking meat...
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    Shop Music Thread- what are you listening to today?

    .Ancient of days. Ron Kenoly.
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    Spalted maple Burl blocks

    Did you sell these? If not I’ll take 10. Big Leaf Maple, right? Please quote shipping to N. Cali, 95460. Cheers, Yager
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    small kitchen tools question

    Did you get your project done? If NOT, why not try wood for the small utensils. I make stuff like this out of super hard woods that will actually cut you. Maybe a 1/8” piece of lignum vitae or ironwood for the blade and pretty scales of figured maple or something. Brass pins. sand it to 220 then...
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    Between the pins

    Hey all. Need some help with a finishing problem on handles. So, I’m making full tang kitchen knives with stabilized wood and 3/16 brass pins, sanded flush. Also using epoxy between blade and back of the scales. When I sand/contour the scales I’ll start with the grinder then move to a flat...
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    Shop Music Thread- what are you listening to today?

    I don’t usually WEEP when I hear a good player but made an exception for this dude. Over the top wonderful.
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    Best way to cut up a burl

    I think you’re good with that plan. When cutting up the cookies start at the outside (bark) edge. Your fresh cuts will typically show the best figure working your way around the cookie.
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    Best way to cut up a burl

    Seems like every burl I cut up is different but I generally do this. If the rounded burl is like an orange start by cutting off slices parallel to each other. For scales I cut those slices about 2” thick so you end up with progressively larger slabs, each 2” thick. This is chainsaw work. Do half...
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    What's the best way to sell knives as a hobbyist, not as a business?

    I don’t see any discussion of online sales on ETSY which works for me. Actually I’ve only sold about 10 things there but there’s no hassle about weapons, the transfer to PayPal is fine, and the rates to display there are cheap. Like $.20 (twenty cents) for a few months for each item. I also do...
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    SharpWorx - Bench Stone Angle Guide 10° to 40°

    Nice, Mark. I just ordered one with two stones and already have a question. In the videos you complete 3 passes, like 2 on one side and 1 on another. Seems like that would give you unbalanced sides? Why not 4 passes to keep things the same? Thanks and congrats on your "launch". Blessings, Yager