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  1. Chad Nichols

    Another forge tank question

    Just go to the scrap yard or the local steel yard and find a piece of pipe 1012" diameter to be on the safe side
  2. Chad Nichols

    New knife for my wife

    Very Nice Dave!
  3. Chad Nichols

    Pinnacle generation 2

    thanks guys !
  4. Chad Nichols

    Pinnacle generation 2

    yup!!! thats why I never have any time all my machines are 65yrs old:happy::happy::happy:
  5. Chad Nichols

    Pinnacle generation 2

    I was aaffraid I would mess it up since I had never ground that blade before
  6. Chad Nichols

    Pinnacle generation 2

    I finally finished the prototype after a year literally Blade length is 3 1/8 closed length is 4 1/4 OAL is 7 1/2 let me know what you think
  7. Chad Nichols


    That is AWSOME!!!
  8. Chad Nichols

    Hand Sanding Guru Needed

    Use damascus ... grind to 220 the etch the crap out of it! I'me just sayin' In all seriousness if you are flat grinding the orbital sander will get you ahead of the game, but you are still gonna have to use a file or block to finish it out
  9. Chad Nichols

    Mosaic Damascus folder

    Thaty looks fantastic the steel is incredible!
  10. Chad Nichols

    Worlds best Which steel and why thread...

    I'd have to say 1084 , 1095 for carbon 154cm, or good ole 440c for stainless
  11. Chad Nichols

    Happy Fourth Of July Weekend

    Everyone have a great weekend!!
  12. Chad Nichols

    what thickness washers for framelock/linerlock

    and sometimes you have to be flexible....:D:D:D
  13. Chad Nichols

    This Guy is gonna GET what he deserves...

    sounds like your making a friend for lifee!! Good Deal!
  14. Chad Nichols

    How do you square up a damascus billet

    I use a press or hammer . You just flip it around and make it do what YOU want!!! If you welds are good you can pretty much do what you want to it .. If not, well the scrap yard pays .15 a pound ........ errrrrrr,
  15. Chad Nichols

    Winding Feather Fighter

    WoW!!! That steel is NICE!! the whole kife will be Awsome!
  16. Chad Nichols

    Hello from Texas

    Welcome, great to have you!
  17. Chad Nichols


    Great to have you!
  18. Chad Nichols

    Hi Everybody

  19. Chad Nichols

    So, where do I draw the line??

    Your preaching to the choir Brother!!!