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  1. maxcutter03

    2014 Lonestar Knife Expo

    I will be there. This year Jerry advertised much more than last year. Hoping for a great turnout.
  2. maxcutter03

    The Guppy

    It looks like a guppy.
  3. maxcutter03

    The Guppy

    This is a field dressing tool I came up with. I got to the end of a piece of steel and didn't know what to do with that short of a piece. Then I started grinding. The knife and sheath fits in your shirt pocket so you don't have to digg through five layers of cloths to get to your knife. The tail...
  4. maxcutter03

    Another Game Dinner Knife

    What they said! Great job!
  5. maxcutter03

    One for Game Dinner

    Really fine piece of cutting goodness!
  6. maxcutter03

    A couple new ones

    I finished this one Friday ATS-34 416 BOLSTERS Palm wood scales Finished this one yesterday XHP 416 bolsters Desert iron wood Burl
  7. maxcutter03

    I just ordered Little Machine shop's mini mill

    Let us know how it works out.
  8. maxcutter03

    416 stainless

    First I have a question...... Where do you get your pin stock?
  9. maxcutter03

    XL Harpoon

    Nice job!
  10. maxcutter03

    Maple Fighter

    Fine piece of cutting tool, that one is!
  11. maxcutter03

    Latest Pile of Stuff

    Nice dog pile right there!
  12. maxcutter03

    "My very first knife" - post up!

    This was my second knife. This is one I finished in January.
  13. maxcutter03

    Pretty little hunter

    Awesome as usual Bruce!!
  14. maxcutter03

    Had a great visit with Marvin Winn

    It was my pleasure to have you at my shop. Tip bad your hand was not healed up. We could have done some grinding.
  15. maxcutter03

    "Trouble Maker"

    Thats some clean work bud!! Great photography as well.
  16. maxcutter03


    Very nice work.
  17. maxcutter03


    Nice and clean. Same critiques as the other guys. All in all......very nice package!
  18. maxcutter03

    A Student's Knife

    Nice work, both teacher and student.
  19. maxcutter03

    (HELP)Just out of the hospital.. Where is a cheap best place to buy wood

    I'm not a nice a these fellas! I'm gonna make you come and get hunting......have a beer.......and what ever else comes up......we'll talk about that too.