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  1. wdtorque

    Third forged knife

    Nice work. I like it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. wdtorque

    My latest sword project

    Really enjoyed the thread and the final product. Outstanding! Looking forward to the next project. Dozier. (not Bob) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. wdtorque

    Drop Point Hunter

    That is one good looking knife. Dozier
  4. wdtorque

    Help with 1084 heat treat.....

    Nicely done guys. I was using one of Stuart's knives last night in the kitchen. :60: Dozier (not Bob)
  5. wdtorque

    Forged Bowie for Lubbock Show

    Nice work Jason. Looks way good. Dozier (not Bob)
  6. wdtorque


    No worries Robert. Good things take time. :-) I was fortunate at my house, my co-workers not so much. Two took on water. It was a heck of a flood, drainage's could not handle it all. 20-30" of rain in a two day period is just too much. I had a friend stuck in his car on I-12 East of Baton...
  7. wdtorque

    Help with 1084 heat treat.....

    Jaxxas, Neat stuff. You have some very knowledgeable folks participating here, I'm in for more results. I liked what KenH mentioned regarding tongs. Might it be possible to put a wire or loop through your hole to handle the coupons with? To take the tongs out of the equation? Appreciate your...
  8. wdtorque


    Awesome Robert! So clean and tight. Love it. Dozier Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. wdtorque

    Daniel Rohde-Introduction

    Welcome Daniel. Your mom did a good job as a teacher I'd say. I've had a knife on order for a few months now guys, Daniel does really nice work, I don't care how young he is! (said with a hint of jealousy by an old fart) Dozier is South La (not Bob)
  10. wdtorque

    A custom knife for a tough customer.

    Heck of a good looking knife. Made to work, mighty nice. WDL III
  11. wdtorque

    15N20 rusting

    Vinegar Aaron, Charlie Lewis, a world class straight razor maker, has a Utub video a vinegar patina. Worth a watch. If they don't like their knives I'll swap them for some, nah, that wouldn't be fair. We have some Chicago Cutlery steak knives, standard carbon and wood, and they are looking...
  12. wdtorque

    Stag Handles Clip Point Rasp Knife- Two Requests

    What John said for sure. The right side seems to be "rougher" than the left, I'd try to get them balanced out. Love the handle butt. Sheath I think a "frontier" style with buckskin and/or some fringe would look appropriate. Congrats for getting one finished, lots of folks never get this far...
  13. wdtorque

    Family Reunion Knife

    Well done. Hope it raises plenty of funds. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. wdtorque

    Kukri in progress

    Looks awesome! Fabulous work. Glad you are doing better too. Dozier Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. wdtorque

    3M Gator Trizac belts and wet grinding.

    As a new grinder I feel like they work good for me in that there appears to be more "cushion" to work with. I'm sure my feeling will change as I progress. I don't hear of many MS using them, so I'm not stuck on them. Just working for me right now. Nice to know about the water, I've always...
  16. wdtorque

    Chef Knife Set WIP

    Mighty nice work. And a gift that your daughter will cherish I'd bet. Thanks for sharing. WDL III
  17. wdtorque

    Tantos, a camp knife, and a chubby kwaiken

    Solid. Looks like the little one is going to get a good run! Dozier
  18. wdtorque

    Böhler K110 & Lapacho wood

    Mighty nice knife. Good work. Dozier
  19. wdtorque

    2016 Blade Show - Gallery of Knives

    Cory, thanks for the excellent photos and your efforts. Good looking knives by you also. Dozier
  20. wdtorque

    Big Thanks to Darrin

    All, Want to send out a big thank you to fellow knifedog Darrin Sanders. I've been messing with knives for years, many year. Finally decided to "get in the game" and make a few. No grand plans, just wanted to give it a go. Bought a 2x72 single speed, 1800rpm, and started grinding. 1084 flat...