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  1. JeremyBartlett

    Bladeshow 2021

    So this year was the first year I had a table. I learned a lot about the type of customers at Blade Show. I took, some nice customs (2 damascus hunters and 2 stainless san mai hunters, and my big stainless san mai bowie), 3 kitchen knives, and 8 full tang hunters. Even though there seemed to be...
  2. JeremyBartlett

    Bladeshow 2021

    Most makers don't mind if you take pics, just ask first! I had a pretty good show, sold enough to cover all my expenses and that's all that really matters to me. I had the honor of being surrounded by awesomeness. Brian sellers beside me...Cody hofsommer and Jordan lamothe across from me. All of...
  3. JeremyBartlett

    Bladeshow 2021

    Today was pretty busy, but can't wait for tomorrow. Hope to see some of you guys there...I'm at table 18Q
  4. JeremyBartlett

    Serrated edge belts

    I would just buy them. I get mine from pops. They are kilngspor in the 1 inch belt section. $3.25 each....I order 20 each of 220 and 400 and do 90% of my handle work with them
  5. JeremyBartlett

    Well I finally did it...

    I got a tippman boss a couple months ago....definitely a huge time saver!
  6. JeremyBartlett

    Bladeshow 2021

    I'll be there as well...close to Jess...table 18Q
  7. JeremyBartlett

    San Mai

    What size do you need? I made 4 stainless san mai billets for blade show, that I haven't used yet. They are 416/1095
  8. JeremyBartlett

    Sanding Stones???????

    I use the stones to clean up the stubborn area in the plunge, once I get the deep scratches out with them I go back to sandpaper on a hard backer
  9. JeremyBartlett

    Jeremy Bartlett Gallery

    Thanks man, I really appreciate it!
  10. JeremyBartlett

    Jeremy Bartlett Gallery

    Ok so I got my pics back from Caleb Royer a few weeks ago, just finally getting around to posting them here. Caleb does an amazing job and I will once again suggest getting professional photos taken of your knives! This first one is probably the best knife I have ever made. 416ss/1095 san mai...
  11. JeremyBartlett

    Jordan Lamothe Class

    Jordan is a good dude. I met him at a hammer-in in maine at the new England school of metalwork. Class act all around, hope you enjoy the rest of your class!
  12. JeremyBartlett

    A Little Known Craigslist Search Method

    I've been using a website that does that for a few years. For those of you that can't get it on ios, you can go to I've been on there a couple time a week for the last 6 months looking for a surface grinder
  13. JeremyBartlett

    Opinions on Design

    Awesome can't wait to see the finished result! Hopefully our talk about getting some damascus done gave you some motivation haha. I've got a local knifemaker David Hall coming over here today to get some damascus made :)
  14. JeremyBartlett

    Not funny to me April fools

    I've never ordered anything from them, so I never got the email you all are talking about, but I will add that I probably never will. I get all my belts from pops now. I used to get them from tru-grit, but the wait time for me in WV is a little long. I'll order from pops and have them in 2 days...
  15. JeremyBartlett

    First Knife Order - need a few opinions please

    Great advice on add if you need to heat treat the 50100 from bossdog I'd be more than happy to do it for you.
  16. JeremyBartlett

    NWBA Knifemaker's Corner #5

    David is an amazing artist. I consider him a blacksmith that makes knives. He can make anything out of hot steel! But not only that, his knives are amazing!
  17. JeremyBartlett

    Making a short sword/wakizashi build along.(Done!)

    I had issues with Google drive...I have been using imgbb and it has worked great for me
  18. JeremyBartlett

    A little damascus in the shop today..

    Ok, just a small update, but tomorrow I plan on welding the tiles together and starting to forge out the blade. But after forge welding the 4 square bars together this is what the pattern looks like...should look awesome when done as long as I can get the welds to stick!
  19. JeremyBartlett

    Parks #50 Sourcing

    I always get oil from maxim...last year when I ordered parks 50 it was $135 shipped to WV....highly recommend them!
  20. JeremyBartlett

    Heikkila Picture Gallery

    Very nice Tim! As a bonus you have 2 of my favorite woods in your gallery. Koa and buckeye burl, and you made them look great :)