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    CPM154 and Elk Fur

    WOW! That's really cool
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    Forged paring knife

    Great job!
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    Black Peppers - My first Liner-Locks

    Looks good!
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    CPM154 and Spalted Maple Burl

    beautiful blade, I love spalted materials!
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    Pocket Cleaver

    I personally dislike pocket cleavers with a passion, but man is that nice!
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    Liam Hoffman ~ Gaboon Ebony Khukuri

    wow! Impressive work
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    How About A Bruce Bump Blade Gallery

    You sir are one of my favorite makers!
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    Modern day sharp finger

    I love it!
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    Taking the dive into knife making

    While I was putting the tank together, some other packages came in. Wood And a grinding dig by DD Workrest
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    Taking the dive into knife making

    Been needing a new drill press a while now, after my HF benchtop press started really bogging down on steel. And the power switch broke off- which I initially had duct taped back on. Ended up being so weak I could stop the press with my hand. Matt described my press as being so weak, it couldn't...
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    Bad To The Bone Bowie

    Great work, I like it!
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    Kyle Royer, MS ~ Fighter

    Holy cow that's nice!
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    Taking the dive into knife making

    Thanks Laurence.
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    Taking the dive into knife making

    Finished this one up today Also got some carbon fiber for a future knife
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    Western Tanto in W2 and Karelian Birch

    Work of art and great photos!
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    Tutorial for a bowie

    Excellent tutorial! I am hoping to delve into bowies in the future. This thread will be very helpful.
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    Taking the dive into knife making

    Spalted Big Leaf Maple Burl dyed Teal with red paper liner Roughed out Smoothed out facets on slack belt to 400 grit Also made an upgrade to my safety gear after seeing a friend's. Had been wanting a full face, but didn't like the ones I saw prior to this one. Replaced the old...
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    Taking the dive into knife making

    Got to sneak in a little grinding before heading out to work. Love me some Gators One of my weird steps, is doing the flats first, then taping and grinding in the edge. After I will hit it with a quick pass on the first grinder to get a crisp bevel transition, light hand finish and glue the...
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    Bigger tracking knob for the KMG

    Thanks brother. My hf press is on the way out, so I am happy to squeeze a project like this out of it. Just hope it doesn't kick the bucket before I get a new press.
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    Bigger tracking knob for the KMG

    Thanks guys. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, didn't think it would look so cool.