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    I'm back!

    After being away for two years due to a busy schedule with a job and senior year of high school, then the hectic schedule of first year of college, I will be back to playing around with steel soon. Looking back, the biggest turnoff from knifemaking for me was that I didn't have the money to...
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    Survival/Fighter Bowie

    Thread has been moved to the fixed blade section
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    Happy Birthday!
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    SEEING SPOTS! Need some advice.

    My Sony A55 has a feature that will shake the mirror to loosen dust. Check out the settings of your canon and see if there's something similar. I also have an air blower to get the dust out
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    Trip to Wisconsin

    Yeah, Wisconsin is a beautiful place. Especially on the lakes. Only thing I didn't like was the amount of bugs, especially biting flies and ticks. It was a nice trip.
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    Trip to Wisconsin

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on here in so long because I've been super busy with school and work and vacationing. I just got back from a trip to Wisconsin, after getting an 18-250mm lens for my sony A55, so I took quite a few pics. I decided to pick a couple for you guys to see. This is a...
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    Scoliosis... My story

    Well here's an update a few weeks later... I'm pretty much off of the pain meds. I hate taking the hydrocodones because I tend to get mood swings when they wear off, so I was wanting to take it less and less, and just today I was able to get through (so far) without much pain. Except, I still...
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    Scoliosis... My story

    Well I missed school last week, and I'm missing this week too, but I am finally able to walk around confidently without my walker, and I'm being weened off of the pain drugs a little at a time according to how they reduce the pain. I still have quite a bit of soreness in my muscle on my back...
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    Scoliosis... My story

    Posted this on facebook, but forgot to put it here. This is the titanium inside of me. I wonder if they were anodized...
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    Scoliosis... My story

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    Scoliosis... My story

    I am home now, in quite a bit of pain, but I have a walker (like most of you old farts have too ;) ) Kidding of course, but the pain is pretty tolerable, but yet severe at the same time. He fused from T4 to L3, so that covers most of my back. I'll get a pic of my wound up soon
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    Scoliosis... My story

    I've been able to walk round with a walker a little, I can go pee on my own now, all my IVs are disconnected. And the morphine is wearing off, but the scheduled pain meds are still coming. Lots of resting. I'm hoping to hear from the surgeon today to see how my new xray looks compared to before...
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    Scoliosis... My story

    Well the doctor said my surgery was perfect. I'm just on lots of painkillers, and still in a whole lot of pain. The goal is for me to start some walking today. Thank you all for your prayers!
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    Scoliosis... My story

    Just a little bump to remind everyone that my surgery is this Monday. Definitely nervous now though. I'm a week ahead in my math class to compensate for missing at least a week of school after spring break ends. My other classes will take a while to catch up with if I can't get the work done...
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    Picked up a treadmill for the motor and electronics today... for FREEEE

    Check the first post in this thread. I used one of these exact same motors for a disk grinder. Just make sure you mark EVERY wire as you unplug it in case you need it again.
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    Scoliosis... My story

    Thanks guys for the support. I was really getting freaked out, all day Wednesday. Now I am more stable feeling. I'm sure it'll hit me again as April 4th approaches...
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    Prayers Needed for Mia tomorrow. Thanks

    She's so adorable. Prayers sent for the best of news!
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    Scoliosis... My story

    Dogs, I had another appointment with the doctor... Not good news today. My spine has a 58* curve on top, and 55* on bottom (about 5* worse than 2 months ago). Worse than we thought, worse than we had hoped. He is expecting to fuse from my upper spine to L3 or L4 (3 or 2 away from my pelvis)...
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    A very sad day.

    A sad day indeed. Prayers sent.
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    Super Glue Finish

    Not long. I think the longest I waited was 2 minutes of a thicker coat. At first it's quick, then slows down, so I set it down and came back to it a minute or two later.