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    Comparing damascus

    There was an implication made early on in this thread that damascus was only made for looks and was never used in cutting contests. This is patently untrue. First, every Master Smith candidate must complete a performance test with a 300 layer pattern-welded blade, ending with the bending of...
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    Fisk Micro Show Preview

    I am honored to have been chosen, along with Shawn McIntyre, to be one of the two guest makers at Jerry Fisk's upcoming Micro Show. As you might imagine, I've been bustin' it to have a good assortment for the show. Five are completed and the last one is being finished. The first four have been...
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    Knife Show & Hammer-In, Jackson, Mississippi

    The Mississippi Forge Council 2nd Knife Show and Hammer-In Saturday March 10th and Sunday 11th 2012 Mississippi Crafts Center 950 Rice Road Ridgeland (Greater Jackson Area), MS Co-hosted by the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi and the Gulf Coast Custom Knifemakers, Inc. Knife...
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    Ladder Bowie

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd post a couple shots of a Bowie I just finished up last week. 270 layers of 1084 and 15N20 ladder-pattern damascus. The blade is 8" and the total length is 13', minus the nut on the buttcap. It is permanently fixed and not a take-down model. I've also included an...
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    Maple Leaf Bowie

    Doug, The blade is 8 1/4" long. 13 5/8" oal. The blade is a little shy of two inches wide, but I don't remember exactly. Cheers, TV Terry Vandeventer ABS MS
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    Maple Leaf Bowie

    Some of you saw this knife on my table at the Little Rock Show a couple weeks ago. While I was there I had Chuck Ward photograph it. Blade 8 1/4" mosaic damascus. 13 5/8" overall. The sculpted fittings are damascus with silicone bronze file-worked highlights. Handle is ancient walrus tusk...
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    Hammer-in & Knife Show

    The Mississippi Forge Council will be hosting its first Hammer-in & Knife Show on March 12-13, 2011 in Jackson, Mississippi. Our primary demonstrator will be ABS Master Smith John White. Fee is $35 to attend and vendors' tables are free (we're asking for an item for Saturday evening's auction)...
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    A couple from December

    Hi Folks, Just got these photos in. I try to spread my business around as all of the great photographers here have their individual strengths, and I believe in rewarding good work with loyalty. Chuck Ward did these. This feather damascus hunter sports damascus fittings and silicone bronze...
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    Batson Blade Symposium April 1-4-2010

    I'll be there with a couple friends. I've only missed two in the past twenty years. It's my personal favorite hammer-in and in my oppinion, the best there is. Big name demonstrators, tailgate sales, cutting contest, knife show, historic location, beautiful venue, etc. All day Friday...
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    Big Honkin' English Bowie

    The photos seem to have disappeared. Let's see if I can put them up again. Hope that makes viewing a little better now. Hope they stay put. Cheers, TV Terry L. Vandeventer ABS MS
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    Big Honkin' English Bowie

    I believe it will be awhile before I embark upon another journey like this one. Twelve inch blade and 17 1/4 OAL Sheffield coffin handle bowie. The interframe handle sports ancient Walrus tusk ivory and filed silicone bronze liners. The blade is a modified ladder-pattern that...
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    Keith, I was unable to open your message sent by way of the forums so I'm responding this...

    Keith, I was unable to open your message sent by way of the forums so I'm responding this way. I'm on the south edge of Jackson in the new city of Byram (my mailing address is still Terry, MS). We have a one day hammer-in here every February. Just a bunch of hammerheads from around the...
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    Hey from Miss'ippi

    Terry Vandeventer here. Semi-active on some of the other forums. ABS Master Smith from Terry (believe it or not), Mississippi. Cheers, TV