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    Not Knife Related...

    Congratulations and many more returns. Doug
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    Inside the waistband holster...

    That is a nice holster but if I were to get another pistol it would be a 1911 pattern. Maybe in 9mm. Doug
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    Opinions on knife.

    Other things can govern how long one makes an EDC blade. Here in Illinois you can't legally carry a fixed, or folding, blade over three inches in length. Of course, when I lived in Virginia an officer said that the police aren't going to take a ruler to your blade unless it is way long. Doug
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    EDC fixed blade w/ killer buckeye burl

    Love the tiger stripe damascus. Doug
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    First time forging questions

    Taz, not to steel the thread, but what would you use as a quenchant for 8670? Do you think that Parks 50 is too fast? Doug
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    Damascus Hunter

    Most excellent. Doug
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    Damascus & Walnut Hunter

    Outstanding. I think that I'd be reluctant to take it out in the field with me for fear of loosing it. Doug
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    My new oyster knife design

    If it pops open resistant oysters like no other there's nothing else to ask of it. It's a bit strange looking but then you're not going to be field dressing many deer with it. Doug
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    Very thin slicer

    Very clean work. The damascus and the Ironwood go well together. Doug
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    I use the quick grips to hold work down to my drill press table. As Opaul said, nice to have around in a pinch. Doug
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    PID Controlled Tempering Ovens

    C D, I would say that the roaster filled with oil will not work with stainless steel unless you work with an alloy that will temper below 450°. Pushing over that you would be risking the oil igniting so check the flash point. One other thing. If you do try it do it outside your workshop or...
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    PID Controlled Tempering Ovens

    Try a counter top roaster and fill it with oil. If you go that route you will need to make a rack that will hold your blades. The mass provided by the oil will dampen the temperature swings. This should serve unless you are using high alloy steels. For safety, keep a fires extinguisher handy...
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    New forge

    J. Doyle, those basket weave pieces are fantastic. Doug
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    Arctic Air Mass

    I agree, Dennis. Say a prayer for any fire fighters who might have to battle a blaze during this, Doug
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    Arctic Air Mass

    Might be below zero here in Central Illinois Thursday/Friday. The weekend after this is supposed to be in the 50's. Go figure. Doug
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    Scrap Damascus Dagger

    I love the randomness of the blade steel. The guard and the handle fit right into it. Great job. Doug :cool:
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    Case re handle...

    That will carve the Thanksgiving Turkey. Nice job. Doug
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    Forging in a Garage

    Be careful of your layout. Don't put your anvil where it forces you to turn your back forge. You might end up putting your hip pockets in the dragon's breath. Doug
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    San Mai Carver

    Now that will carve the Thanksgiving turkey. Great job. Doug
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    ADS Mammoth Hunter

    Very nice. I especially like the handle. Doug