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    Pipe Threader turned Twister

    I lucked out and picked up a Rigid pipe threader with a quick release chuck at an auction for 300.00! Hopebto build a twistingbstation out of it soon!
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    Final edge grinding tips?

    This may be a bit unconventional but once I have established a good visible burr I run the edge over the edge of my wooden bench. This peels the wire off then I hand strop on leather with green chrome. This leaves a "toothy" edge. If I want finer I go to leather with white compound, then .05...
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    Integral Small Wheel Platen

    The ramp is made from 2" c channel. I drilled thrust the body of the small wheel attachment and machined the hole slot longer for adjustment in the bottom of the c channel ramp. Ill be gone all week. Will try to get pics next weekend. God Bless Mike
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    Integral Small Wheel Platen

    Thanks Curtisk, and Kent I have the same feeling. There is a sense of pride in making and using your own equipment that I enjoy. God Bless Mike
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    Integral Small Wheel Platen

    I have been thinking this through for sometime. Wanting a flat platen with changeable wheel size (radius) to grind integral type blades. Here is what I came up with. Seems to fit the bill nicely. God Bless Mike
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    Thoughts on AEB-L for kitchen knives

    Also has it in various sizes, and is a Great Guy to work with. I recommend him without hesitation! God Bless Mike
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    Anyone Heat Treating Hitachi Blue #2?

    Just got in some Hitachi Blue from Aldo. Just curious if anyone has heat treated this yet, and if so what were your experiences? What quench medium did you use, and what tempering temps did you use to get what RC hardness? Thanks and God Bless Mike
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    Thoughts on AEB-L for kitchen knives

    No to take anything away from Paul Boss, He does fine work, but I have been using Peters Heat Treating with Amazing results! Gob Bless Mike
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    opinions on neck knives needed.

    I work in the petro chem industry mainly in refineries and plants. Most locations require a badge on a lanyard to be displayed at all times. Folks hang everything off of their lanyard. I try to have at least 25 - 50 made up before a large outage. Large work force, away from home making good...
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    Storing heat treating oil.

    I use a 20mm ammo can, search online they are usually under $40 shipped. lid has gasket and is removable plus will lock shut when not in use.
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    Blade failure success!

    Stuart I agree completely. I do know folks that use Parks 50 for everything and do good with it, I just cant justify the risk. Probably why I still haven't tried an interrupted water quench on W2! God Bless Mike
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    Blade failure success!

    Mainly looking for grain size. The smaller the better. These can be really helped by normalizing cycles. If I forge, I anneal my blade before I start grinding, this does 2 things, it helps relieve any stress I have put into the blade while forging, second it softens the steel to its lower RC...
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    Blade failure success!

    Kcorn What did the sections look like where they broke? Where they large sparkley grain, or was it a duller crushed sand kind of look, or was it slick like glass? I ask because those questions will tell us where your steel was, in a manner of speaking. For a heavy use knife try this: Use 5160...
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    Need New Belt!

    Count THANK YOU!! I have been looking for that manual for some time. Found several parts and pieces but no full manual. Will now hopwfully start looking for a belt! Thanks Again! God Bless Mike
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    Need New Belt!

    Problem is there is not a belt to compare to. Thanks and God Bless Mike
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    Need New Belt!

    Would prefer not to make this a custom remodel unless I just have to. Wold like to get an Rockwell replacement if possible. Thanks and God Bless Mike
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    1084 performance as a skinning/ hunting knife?

    I would get a couple of practice blades made in 1084, HT them then test them hard. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at just how tough this steel can be! God Bless Mike
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    Need New Belt!

    Anyone know where I can find a flat drive belt for a 1970's Rockwell 24-822 surface grinder? Looking on the web Im coming up short. The old belt is gone. Any help appreciated! God Bless Mike
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    4140 steel looking and water jet cutting service needed

    Check With Aldo. Not the website, call and speak to someone. They have several types of "not typical knife steel" and they now have water jet! God Bless Mike
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    Blowouts Drilling ivory, bone, antler etc..

    Use a small pilot hole. 1/8 or less, then a size or two larger, then the actual size. Works for me. Use SHARP bits and go SLOW. Im sure there is a better way Mikey cause we are in the same boat! God Bless Mike