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    Basket Weave Damascus in a Canister

    Me to!!Except that I showed her a picture of Bruce :9: Hey Bewcie, great to see you in action once again my friend!! I'll never forget telling you about reading the book "Mousache in the tree by who goosed the Bruce!" :3: Take care buddy and I'll be chatting with you shortly. Robert...
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    (HELP)Just out of the hospital.. Where is a cheap best place to buy wood

    Hi Keith. I don't know you yet, but Ive been around on various forums for 11 years now. I've been down with severe back problems but I'm getting back on my feet just fine. I plan to be more active on this forum of Tracys, plus someone needs to keep an eye on Bruce! I don't have a variety...
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    Another darn Texan

    Man, if I knew you guys were this friendly I'd have joined a long time ago! Seriously, I'm having a lot of fun on this site, and really taking in all the WIP's of Master Bump, and will be looking at others also. I appreciate the kind words about the rocker. This month marked my 30th year...
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    Another darn Texan

    Hey guys, I appreciate the warm welcome! Of course if I had known that Indian George was on this forum, I'd have, hummmm......I'd have joined a long time ago :o) Wow, there's so many new little faces and stuff to learn how to use, I'll need a college degree just for that! Tracy, do you...
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    Another darn Texan

    Greetings all! I'm Robert Hensarling, and hail from Uvalde, Texas. Uvalde is about 70 miles due West of San Antonio. For exactly 30 years now I've operated a "one of a kind" furniture company, specialising in Rocking Chairs. My wood of choice is good ol gnarly Texas Mesquite. I have my own...