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    Tracking down some steel?

    Timy try a local spring shop that makes "Helper" springs for trucks. used to go by one and get 5160 as i needed it . good guys great prices since most of it was too small for them to make a spring from ,(remnant/cut off pieces).
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    Closed on my best sale ever today

    Thank you for that i'm sitting here at the computer smiling like a cat.. i think that is a pretty fair trade a knife for $22 hard earned dollars and a stewing hen. both of you won on that deal and thank's for showing that great young kid some kindness it will come back to you someday .
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    Ouch! What to safely cover blade with

    Sandy when you are handeling sharp things why not cover the cutting edge with leather??buy or make a blade clamp that uses leather to hold the blade then you dont have to worry about getting cut ..i don't know about anyone but me but i have been using sheath leather scraps to help hold blades...
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    yes the scales are ironwood
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    Greetings here is something i just finished .was just about to ship it when i thought hey you should post some pictures before you ship it out so here ya go!!
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    Drilling HT Blade

    Try using a solid carbide Burr.. a round nose one i have done that before ,as long as you have a hole that is close to size it will work pretty well.. im sure you can find a burr like that pretty much anywhere .
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    I'm SURE someone has needed this before...

    Did you say Devcon ? if that is what you used for epoxy remove the rivet's/corby's and take a thin blade like a putty knife to seperate the handle from the steel.. Devcon does not hold very well ive taken off several handles that were put on with that stuff specially the 5 min ,most come off...
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    looking for a blade

    Bill shoot me a link to a picture /pictures of what your looking for ,might have something ,might not may be willing to make depending on what i see in the picture's
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    WIP for G2 in Las Vegas

    Les looking pretty good!!
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    WIP for G2 in Las Vegas

    Les is that what those thingies are called ?? Knives i think i might have a couple thingies that look kinda like that (LOL) now if i could just remember where i put them .. Of course im just messing with ya ,but seriously why arn't they done yet ?? your supposed to sleep after the show...
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    Cable Damascus

    Steve im not going to try to countradict anyone but ive always had pretty good success with cable.. buy new cable ,soak the crap out of it to remove the lube /junk in it ,bring to high heat ,flux ,heat again twist the crap out of it ,you will feel it stretch and become solid /then run it on...
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    ti tubeing

    Guy's Try "Uncle Frank" i know for sure he has thin wall ti tube in 1/4 If anyone has a problem getting in touch with him please let me know .. P.M or whatever,he is a Maker/Supplier/ Friend
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    Proto type Bali

    Knife is Withdrawn .. off it goes ,im going to make a second blade style for it before sending it out.
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    Proto type Bali

    well i will bump this 1 time then if no taker's it will go to a DEALER i prefer to sell direct and keep the price down , but if no taker's off to the dealer it goes where the price goes up 30%
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    Proto type Bali

    still up someone grab this !! im trying to keep this Only on Knife Dog's ..:dog houze:pup2hello there
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    Still Available

    Still Available
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    here are some better pic's ..i think :confused:
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    Proto type Bali

    Greeting's all ive had a couple of request's for better pic's of this i hope these help .:Dban12thumbs:bud:
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    Proto type Bali

    Greeting's all Some here know me from other forum's . im putting up for Sale my first ever Sandwich constructed Bali Spec's are Ti Liners/Bolser's /latch and Fileworked backspacer's, all anodized green , olive green g-10 insert's,custom bushing's/washer's,pivot pin's all machined my me...
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    here are the pic's