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    Commemorative Knives

    I’ve sold two of the knives I have on eBay. I belong to several forums and that is why I asked if my account could be closed here.
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    spammer going to priovate messages

    Can you delete my account for me. The knives that I am selling are not what the members of this site want. Thanks for your help,
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    Commemorative Knives

    I posted on this site because Facebook allows everything except weapons to be sold. Can anyone here recommend a better site to sell the type of knives that I am selling?
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    Commemorative Knives

    I have a Indiana Jones knife that is practically brand new. I am thinking of selling it, I have the original box, sheath and knife. Is anyone here interested, if so I will post pictures. I also have others that I am willing to part with. The Rambo 2 pictured is one of the other’s. Mike Howard
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    Knives For Sale Policy announcement

    Can I sell a couple of memorabilia knives, Rambo, Indiana Jones? I have more, I am trying to free up some storage space. I’m getting older and don’t have anyone to leave it all too.