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  1. Steven Janik

    Jigged bone skinner...

    Very Nice and clean. Did you use white micarta pins??
  2. Steven Janik

    Lock back whittler

    I haven't had much input on the forum lately, but I always sit up and take notice when Craig shows us something like this. Unbelievable fit and finish with extreme detail. Craig makes these as hard as he can for himself and then runs rampant and conquers every aspect of the build. Get your hands...
  3. Steven Janik

    Hunter/skinner with amboyna

    Great, clean lines. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Steven Janik

    Electro etch makers mark w/emblem

    In my experience, if Ernie won't do it he's doing you a favor. Some times the makers mark just has too much going on to make sense. If they are very intricate you must have a pristine stencil, good marking system and a foolproof method too make them readable and repeatable. IMHO a sloppy mark...
  5. Steven Janik

    Front-opener 'Tuxedo' folder

    Very Nice. Super clean work!!
  6. Steven Janik

    Big stockman

    Nobody does these better. Love the shield. regards, Steve
  7. Steven Janik

    Finally,,,,, a joke.

    A big game hunter was walking through the jungle in Africa when he came across a giant bull elephant lying dead in the trail with a small pygmy standing on his back. The hunter asked, "did you kill this animal?" "Yep" exclaimed the pygmy, "I killed him with my club". "your club?" asked the...
  8. Steven Janik

    Thanks guys

    Brad, you are doing a great job on these awards. Thanks for the effort.
  9. Steven Janik

    Another Bushbaby Slip Joint

    Very nice!! Love the Kirinite also.
  10. Steven Janik

    Looking for opinions on my recent knives

    They look clean and sturdy. Great fit and finish. These will sell well. Great work. Regards, Steve
  11. Steven Janik

    Martin Tuxedo dress QSB flipper

    OK!!! That is unreal. I've been a silent admirer of Peter's stuff for a long while and that piece is just outstanding!! I'm giddy as a school girl.
  12. Steven Janik

    Having fun at the ICCE.

    Well deserved. Bravo!!
  13. Steven Janik

    Auction - Hurricane Help - J. Hoffman Knives

    Oh Goodie, I'm still winning!!
  14. Steven Janik

    Auction - Hurricane Help - J. Hoffman Knives

    I don't see the pic but I will start the bid at $50.00
  15. Steven Janik

    needs a name help

    Tacti - Burl
  16. Steven Janik

    Dog leg jack

    Another beautiful knife, Craig. Hope all is well with you and the family. regards, steve
  17. Steven Janik

    Integral Subhilt by Mike Quesenberry MS

    Just Awesome. Perfect in every way. thanks for sharing.
  18. Steven Janik

    Dogbone Bowie by Mike Quesenberry MS

    Gotta be THE nicest dogbone bowie I've seen. Unbelievable work. Thanks for sharing
  19. Steven Janik

    Wedding cake knife and server thingy

    Very nice. I think the proper terminology for the cake server thingie is "spachoola oblongata".