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  1. Tom Militano

    Confederate Flag Handle ideas?

    I'd be interested in that also.
  2. Tom Militano


    Good score!
  3. Tom Militano

    Lin Rhea, MS ~ Southland Bowie #3

    Beautiful work
  4. Tom Militano

    Big Dog, small child

    The same thing occurred to me.
  5. Tom Militano

    .22 long rifle

    I'm convinced that tree rats (squirrels) is the reason the .22 was invented. I bought a .22 cal nitro piston pellet rifle a while back and that thing will do a job on the evil critters. If I ever meet Noah in another life I'm going to ask him why he took them aboard the ark.
  6. Tom Militano

    Carving a Bowie Handle

    I bet that handle won't slip out of anybodies hand. Thanks for posting it.
  7. Tom Militano

    Baldor 1/4HP 1800 rpm buffer adequate ?

    I had one of those 1/4 hp jobs and gave it away. I just didn't have enough power. Mine is a 1 hp now and there's a big difference.
  8. Tom Militano


    Awesome work Bruce
  9. Tom Militano


    Great work. Beautiful grind.
  10. Tom Militano

    USA knifemaker supply contact help

    Beth is the best customer service representative I've ever dealt with.
  11. Tom Militano

    how much sq ft for your shop

    Mine is 576 sq. ft.
  12. Tom Militano

    Arthritis anyone??

    "its the price you pay for the ticket to ride"!!! I like that and it's true. I have to go to a Marine Corps League meeting this morning and when I get home I'm hitting the shop again. Yesterday was the first time I worked out there in a good while and the knife making bug bit me again. I...
  13. Tom Militano

    Arthritis anyone??

    I've also had neck surgery, knee surgery, back surgery, hand surgery, a stroke, type 2 diabetic from agent orange in Vietnam, lost the use of my right foot and have to wear a brace built into my shoe that buckles around my leg just below the knee, have to walk with forearm crutches, two strains...
  14. Tom Militano

    Arthritis anyone??

    That's exactly how it feels. The finger gets hung and all of a sudden it pops loose. My right thumb is going to need something more than a shot though. When it pops loose it will bring back all the words I learned in the US Marine Corps and the US Army, it flat hurts. I have an appointment...
  15. Tom Militano

    changing employers

    Good luck and enjoy your new job
  16. Tom Militano

    do people fake knives

    I've seen a lot of fakes floating around, especially at trade days.
  17. Tom Militano

    Cerakoted my rifle

    Looks good!
  18. Tom Militano

    Arthritis anyone??

    I'm really banged up and I have to walk with forearm crutches, which make my hands and shoulders really sore, plus I have a lot of problems with my hands. My doctor called it "trigger finger". It makes my fingers curl up to the palm of my hand. He told me he my problem was caused by the...
  19. Tom Militano

    Poor Man's surface grinder

    Well, I know what my project for the weekend will be!!!