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  1. Entropy762

    What's going on in your shop?

    I haven't made a knife for a while. I just got two bars of 1080 and 01. It's over 100f in the shop this time of year. I did get some saw blades from a guy I work with and made a scrap chopper. The 'hawk is saw blade steel too and a WIP. The UZI pistol was made from a box of cut up gun.
  2. Entropy762

    What's going on in your shop?

    Thanks. 29 days. My first was 28 days for a 9mm suppressor. Using the eFile system makes it pretty easy. I even do my own finger prints. I just filed another Form 1 Monday for a SBS.
  3. Entropy762

    Simple sheath build along

    Excellent tutorial. Thanks. I have been wanting to get into using leather this helps. Jacob
  4. Entropy762

    What's going on in your shop?

    Not knife related but finished my second Form 1 suppressor. A guy a work gave me more big saw blades to make more "tactical" kindling splitters.
  5. Entropy762

    Saw Blade Tomahawk

    A guy I work with gave me a bunch of saw blades from a local saw mill. It's mystery steel to me. I've few of these and gave them away. So far they have been used to cut bushes and kindling.
  6. Entropy762

    The start of a CNC'd knife

    Wow! Thanks for taking the time to share this. I'm a Fusion360 user and I thought about knife design but didn't know where to start. Thanks, Jacob
  7. Entropy762

    I’m baaack....

    Welcome back. I am also back. I had the same thing happen to me with Draftsight. Figured it was about time to learn something else so I got in to Fusion 360 which led to the purchase of a 3D printer. That's a nice looking folder. Jacob
  8. Entropy762


    Now I have to get some more steel. Koa makes great scales. Jacob
  9. Entropy762


    So my Dad came over to do some shooting yesterday. He asked to use the planer he had given me. We planed these two pieces of koa. Then he says "Go ahead and keep them." WOW! He used to use this wood for his knife handles.
  10. Entropy762

    Shop Tip of the day

    That 6 inch rule with a magnet is a great idea. Thanks. Jacob
  11. Entropy762

    Finished this one up today

    Very nice. Thanks for showing this. Jacob
  12. Entropy762

    Combat abrasives?

    I ordered from them a few years ago. Just some AO belts. Seemed ok. The shipping seemed to take a long time. Jacob
  13. Entropy762


    Following along. Looks great so far. Jacob
  14. Entropy762

    Fuller scraper?

    I made a short video explaining the fullering tool I made. Jacob
  15. Entropy762

    A recently completed liner lock

    Nice. Very cool. I like the blade style. I need to get back to my folders when it warms up. Thanks for showing this. Jacob
  16. Entropy762

    Making a short sword/wakizashi build along.(Done!)

    I just found this thread. Excellent. I subbed to your channel. Thanks for taking the time to share your work. Making videos can be time consuming. Jacob
  17. Entropy762

    I'm Fullered

    I know what it was. Lol. I bought a stripped lower at gun shop in upstate New York in late 1998. The a parts kit from either M&A or Model 1can't remember. I left the gun with my wife's brother(ex)when I deployed to Bosnia in 1999. I got my first 80% lower when I got back in 2000. Well a few...
  18. Entropy762

    I'm Fullered

    Clinton AWB? Never heard of it. If you get what I mean. Yep Frank Roderous put up a web site., one of the first gun building sites. Many years ago the Tannery Shop AR castings were about the only game in town. Jacob
  19. Entropy762

    I'm Fullered

    Haha. I do the same thing. Jacob
  20. Entropy762

    I'm Fullered

    A short YouTube video.Fullering Tool. Jacob