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  1. Bladewarrior

    Hey James!

    Hey James!
  2. Bladewarrior

    Blade Show Balisongs

    Superb work great hamons!
  3. Bladewarrior

    New Kydex bender to this forum- Pictures

    Very impressive work glad to have you here :)
  4. Bladewarrior

    forged Wakizashi 9260 silicon

    Incredible bubba nice waki :)
  5. Bladewarrior

    cute kid! nice hat.

    He's stylin, wish I had one too :(
  6. Bladewarrior

    More super conductor & LSCF for Blade

    That carbon-fiber and superconducter sure look good together great work!
  7. Bladewarrior

    the tuna sword

    Absolutely stunning work!
  8. Bladewarrior

    $8 dollar straight razor

    Looks like a good find :)
  9. Bladewarrior

    latest Tactical going to a young man getting back from Afghanistan

    Very nice! Looks like you took the time to make it a secure grip for him as well nice touch.
  10. Bladewarrior

    Lighting strike CF

    Very nice indeed
  11. Bladewarrior

    New sword, new photographer

    Beautiful sword and great story as well :)
  12. Bladewarrior

    WIP Straight Razor

    Very nice indeed :)
  13. Bladewarrior

    Can anyone tell me some types of swords?

    Wakizashi, great sword, hook sword, war sword,celtic, dirk, galdius, sabre, falcata
  14. Bladewarrior

    Need a handle maker fora katana and wakazashi

    Thomas Buck
  15. Bladewarrior

    Time for another Giveaway! Stabilized Amboyna Burl Block

    I'm in, thanks for the giveaway.
  16. Bladewarrior

    Two tactical knives

    Couple of tactical beauties, great plunge lines!
  17. Bladewarrior

    3 copper handled higonokami

    Beautiful blades, those copper handles look as good as a copper habaki on a katana!
  18. Bladewarrior


    Looks very nice great work!
  19. Bladewarrior

    titanium, upotex, damasteel... some goodies for my friends :)

    Great lookin knife, I wish I was your friend.
  20. Bladewarrior

    Boise Show Preveiw is up!

    Very beautiful looking Damascus and layer patterns! truly original. Thanks for the glimpse of things to come.