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    Hand sanding a convex grind on a kitchen knife

    I use a hard back with used skotchbrite between the paper and backer. Clean the slotchbrite with the air hose...
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    First post, first knife made

    Great first knife! keep goin'...!
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    W2 Bowie

    WOW Gene....that's lovely!
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    Stabilizing Juice

    an old pressure canner/cooker makes a pretty good pot. I remade the lid out of 1" poly carb so I could see what it is doing. I'm with Edward on a quality pump. A cheap one will give you a good education but long term (if the bug bites) you'll prolly want a good one.
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    German boar hunting bowie

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    Shields and Maker's Marks

    Took me two years of pretty diligent research to discover this...don't even want to think about the cost of experimentation...sigh. (this is the biggest trade secret I you will need to run these at about 8K rpm in steel. I have used these on heat treated and un-heattreated blades...
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    Damascus hunter w/ checkered inlays

    Oh my!! Superb!
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    Tong choices or big pliers maybe? I use these. Stripped most the plastic off the shanks...
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    Danger Will Robinson! Danger! The importance of good air and PPE in your shop

    Stick to the Docs orders gets tempting to bail on their advice when patience wears'll be back in the shop in no time!
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    440C Hunter

    super fine detail work. that is a lovely knife.
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    Simple 80mm EDC puukko and sheath

    Beautiful. as clean as it gets.
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    My latest.

    yep...they look good.
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    My PayPal alternative!

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    New Knife Show in Minnesota!!

    How many of y'all gettin' a table?
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    Shop Music Thread- what are you listening to today?

    Thanks for the "dave Sparks" connection...never heard him before! Tasty! I turned 60 this year and realize that with technology (amazon prime, You-Tube, et al...) and social distancing (I am now officially a hermit) and my age...(old enough to appreciate variety with no peer approval concerns...
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    Shop Music Thread- what are you listening to today?

    Debbie Harry for sure...! lol. Then Pat Benatar...then the Wilson sisters(Heart)
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    Whetstone suggestion?

    after initial sharp...never need a stone...just strop with green buffing compound. Jmo....or what I do.
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    Shop Music Thread- what are you listening to today?

    wish my church of 30 could rock like that! The "sign lady" is amazing...
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    2021 KITH Jones/Kingery

    looking good Sean!