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  1. DJJ

    Harley Chain Damascus

    Very nice, I like the link pattern.I have 4 HD chains from the late 70's early 80's,but not the equipment or knowledge of how to make this!!
  2. DJJ

    Shoot Your Dog

  3. DJJ

    A few recently finished

    What I call my "Shark Nose" made with CPMS35VN with Lightning Strike carbon fiber A 6 inch fillet knife with Lava Flow Kirinite made with ATS34 and a 4 inch Puuko style from CPM 154 and elk antler handle Thanks for looking Dennis
  4. DJJ

    Shop Tip of the Day - Add yours here

    This has probably been said before but, Mark your steel and other supplies with a marker or stamp so you know what is what a next time you want to use it.. or years from now!!!
  5. DJJ

    Stainless Steel vs Nickel Silver??

    ah yes the magnet trick.....just what I was looking for Thanks Knifemaker...doesn't get any easier than that
  6. DJJ

    Stainless Steel vs Nickel Silver??

    Hi all and Happy New Year I am fitting a nickel silver guard to a blade and have mixed up my pin material... is there a simple way to tell SS from NS ? Don't want to use a SS pin and end up having it show after it's finished. Thanks Dennis
  7. DJJ

    black ash from meridian

    Nicely figured handle scales, like that blade shape also
  8. DJJ

    Saying hello from Wisconsin

    Hi Michael, ton of stuff to learn here, I'm from central WI
  9. DJJ

    Movie knife

    Thanks again for the comment's
  10. DJJ

    Movie knife

    Thanks for the comment's guy's, glad you all like it. Just finished up a sheath for it today. Might have to hook the old VCR back up and watch the movie again soon... or find a DVD ....
  11. DJJ

    Movie knife

    From one of my favorite movies "Last of the Dogmen". I always liked the knife Tom Berenger's character Louis Gates carried in the movie.Years ago(by the date on the photo) I paused the VCR when he stuck it in a log and snapped a pic,thinking someday I'd like to made one like it. It's not an...
  12. DJJ

    Few recent projects

    Thanks guy's. I've only finished five folder's so far,lot more work than fixed blades, still need lot's more practice...
  13. DJJ

    Figuring out how this messaging works?? One of the thing's Ken has helped out with ....Heat...

    Figuring out how this messaging works?? One of the thing's Ken has helped out with ....Heat Treating a HT oven in Jan Trying to follow his advice,pretty happy with the way they are turning out
  14. DJJ

    Few recent projects

    Thanks guy's, riding a 06 Road Glide mostly,or a 82 FL....sometimes
  15. DJJ

    Hi seionage, See your from Stevens Point,I'm from Wis. Rapids, about 5 miles south of Kellner...

    Hi seionage, See your from Stevens Point,I'm from Wis. Rapids, about 5 miles south of Kellner if you know where that is. Think you must know Ken Coats,he's helped me out a lot. I've been trying to visit knifedog's forum a little more ...seems like bladeforums is always the same stuff...
  16. DJJ

    Few recent projects

    Well, I'm not much of a forum poster. Since getting my Evenheat oven last January I've been busy in the shop. Here are a few I recently finished.Snapped a few pic's today(not real good at pic's) and thought I'd post them here. All made from ATS-34, except the bowie ,that is 5160. Thanks...
  17. DJJ

    Heat treating question- Soak times

    Great info. My Evenheat arrived last week,trying it out this weekend with 1084 and 01.
  18. DJJ

    What oils do you use?

    I have high speed quenching oil from McMaster-Carr,would that be a good choice for 1080? What about 5160,something slower? like canola oil?or would the high speed M-C work well for either of these 2 steels?
  19. DJJ

    ok all you dogs, show yourself

    Not many pictures of myself,but I have knives and a dog Dennis