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    Ashokan 2012

    for those interested here is the lineup Twenty Ninth Annual New England Bladesmiths Guild Ashokan Seminar 2012 Friday, September 14 6:00-7:00 Buffet Dinner 7:00-7:15 Introduction – Tim Zowada Lecture 7:15 – 8:30 Are Buyers of Handmade Knives Schmucks? I - Brian Lyttle...
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    Ashokan seminar

    This is an even I have been going to for 18 years or so, its always a blast. This year we will be smelting some steel to work with. :viking: Del
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    summertime-time for the big stuff a 270 gyuto

    Mike, I know you are going to hate hearing this, but I do it all freehand. Not only that there is a distinct taper from front to back. My handles are flat scales when I glue them on, the only part that is finished before gluing are the front edges of the scales. After the glue is set I...
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    summertime-time for the big stuff a 270 gyuto

    blade 270mm long california buckeye and lacewood
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    Steel Question

    Thinking about some kitchen knives Mike? I wish I could help. Try contacting Murry Carter
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    Is there an easier way to mirror finish?

    I don't do a lot of mirror finishing, but I do use some finer belts. Trizact cf belts go up to a30, which is quite fine, and norton goes x16 and x6. My recommendation is to buy a few more belts and after the a30 you can start with 800 grit for hand sanding, which should save you an hour at...
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    I do this all the time and my postmaster knows what I do, no problems.
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    2 of my latest kitchen knives

    240mm gyuto and 180mm nakiri
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    oil quench

    I can't tell you what causes them exactly, but they are common. I have them on occasion. A little bit of sanding will remove them.
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    What really motivates us?

    You know it funny, the things that really hit home with me were the self motivation and the mastery. A few years ago I went full time and self motivation was a big factor there, and lately I have been searching for projects that challenge me. Recently I have been making high performance kitch...
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    Delbert Ealy Chef's Knife

    The chocolate monster
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    Delbert Ealy Chef's Knife

    Colin, If I grind them soft the would warp horribly during heat treat, as thin as I go with the edges, they would look like pinking shears.
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    Delbert Ealy Chef's Knife

    I do make my own damascus, for this blade it is around 300 layers of O-1 and L-6. I make a big billet of damascus which is enough for 3 of this sized knife. I forge the damascus down in thickness as far as I can go with my hydraulic press and then it is rolled in a steel rolling mill I built...
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    members kitchen knife gallery

    Wish granted. This thread is now stuck and the place to post pics. Go for it guys!
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    Still need a good finish for wood

    Travis, Are you using stabilized or natural wood? Please remember wood is not steel and doesn't need to be polished to look good. I hand sand to 400 grit and I use car wax for the finish. Its funny that you say waxes don't seem durable for you, I gave up oils for that exact...
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    new forging presses

    Craig, The last pic he posted shows the racks welded on either side for storing the dies.
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    Questions about Lateral Strength

    James, Good idea, and I would do that, but I was thinking more of a 45 degree angled(or more) plunge line, this will distribute the stress over a larger area, and be less of a stress point. Thanks,
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    new forging presses

    Boatbuilder, I use a press myself, and have many times thought about improvements I could make. Could you elaborate more on how you connected the ram to your stabilation plates, and how you connected the cylinder shaft to the ram. I do like you solution of the plates to prevent movement from...
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    Questions about Lateral Strength

    Randy and Ed, One of the factors nither of you have taken into consideration(at least that I have seen) in talking about stresses on a tapered or not tapered tang is the handle material. Granted some of the handle materials on the type of knife we are talking about here will not be a factor...