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  1. MTBob

    Grinding Damascus

    Had to chuckle at this bit of prophetic advice, how true!
  2. MTBob

    Cootes Grinder Table Setup

    I understand about doing what ya can with what ya got, been there done that for a long time. Certainly steps cone speed control has it's place and, in fact, I still use step cones on a couple of machines. But, where I can, I've converted most of the equipment to VFD controls for reasons...
  3. MTBob

    Cootes Grinder Table Setup

    I agree with Chris' recommendation to get a VFD for your grinder. There is nothing more important than controlling tool speed (belts in this case) when metal working. The step cones will offer some speed control, but they won't usually give you the speed that is needed, they are clunky to deal...
  4. MTBob

    Paragon KM18-T Knife Kiln

    The KM18-T is a 120v single thermocouple kiln. The KM18-T Pro is a 240v, 3 thermocouple kiln. I have the Pro version. The TC's are mounted in the top of the chamber and control each of the three heating elements independently. That improves the uniformity of heat throughout the chamber.
  5. MTBob

    MagnaCut heat treat question

    While we're talking MagnaCut, what's your preferred HT temps? Cryo, or not? Have you found anything particularly different or difficult in Ht'ing or grinding MagnaCut?
  6. MTBob

    Thoughts on WA Handle finishes

    Chris, thank you VERY much for detailing your process. And, the reference to finishing a gun stock is also helpful. It's interesting to note that the guy who wrote the gun stock finishing article speculated that: "I believe that there is a chemical reaction or catalyst occurring between the...
  7. MTBob

    Thoughts on WA Handle finishes

    That's a surprise, never would have thought Armor-All would be a good finishing ingredient. Is there something about its UV protection characteristic that adds value? What mixture do you use?
  8. MTBob

    Thoughts on WA Handle finishes

    Interesting video from Kyle on this 2 part epoxy. A couple thoughts - when doing a single knife this would be expensive at about $27/can. Once the epoxy is activated in the can it has a 48 hour pot life. Also, I wonder if the material would be prone to chipping or peeling, particularly on...
  9. MTBob

    Thoughts on WA Handle finishes

    As I dive deeper into the world of stainless knives with WA handles, I'd like to see if there any ideas about handle finishes. At this point I'm limiting the handle composition to natural, un-stabilized, wood with highlight stacks of contrasting woods and G-10. On oily woods like Bocota and...
  10. MTBob

    Chris Railey KITH Bowie

    Beautiful knife - that sucker will definitely cut a serious amount of pancakes! What a thoughtful photo review of Chris' knife, well done by all.
  11. MTBob

    Tempering Oven...Starting Over...

    Do you have examples of these ovens?
  12. MTBob

    Epoxy Scales

    If it's not too much trouble, could you give us an overview of how your setup works? Are the molds under pressure or vacuum? Thanks
  13. MTBob

    What's going on in your shop?

    Opaul... something that caught my eye is the can of Varathane Wood Hardener sitting in the background of this photo. When and how do you use it? BTW - pretty cleaver spring compression setup!
  14. MTBob

    clamp tool

    Nice job Ken! It's always fun to build a new tool.
  15. MTBob

    Electro etching machine recommendation

    Thanks for the tip, I'm going to start doing that.
  16. MTBob

    What's going on in your shop?

    Beautiful knife, well done! Oh... and... ah... is that background one of the aprons you wear in the shop? :)
  17. MTBob

    Tempering Oven...Starting Over...

    A PID controller should keep the temp +/- a degree or two. You probably want to add Kawool insulation to improve temperature stabilization. Those countertop ovens are often poorly insulated. To attach the PID I mentioned in your previous post, just rip out the wiring to the timer and...
  18. MTBob

    Sharpening question.

    Now there's a nifty idea!
  19. MTBob

    Carbide Straightening Hammer

    No doubt beating on a blade will change its shape. But cold working steel after heat treating seems like a bad idea Each hammer blow will set up a stress point in the blade that could lead to eventual cracking or potential further warping. Part of the objective of heat treating is to reduce...
  20. MTBob

    Sharpening question.

    This is a terrific thread, love the insights and opinions on how we all sharpen blades. Here's my 2 cents: I now only use 2x72 belts to sharpen. Depending on the blade condition, I'll start with 120 on thick edges (if necessary), then 220, 400. 800, (or occasionally 1200 to 2400) then...