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    Knife sharpener for non-knifemaker?

    MTBob, I have a couple of those, one for the truck, another for the kitchen and in the shop as well. 600 grit and fast! To maintain an edge it is a no fuss solution. Just match the angle and go. I do find that a 600 grit edge does all our cutting needs perfectly. Scott
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    RIP "Pop"

    RIP James. Thanks for all your contributions. My condolences to Mrs. Poplin.
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    Wax Removal

    Appreciate the info MTBob. I'll give the naphtha, etc., a try.
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    Wax Removal

    Thank you J, Doyle. I'm hoping for a solvent to dip or soak it in to avoid any abrasives. If I can do it with the dunk/soak, then I'll do another Ferric dip and see how that turns out.
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    Wax Removal

    Good day all. I made a knife from O1 (60 hrc) steel, sanded it to 400 grit and did a few Ferric dunks. It came out the way I wanted so I protected it with Johnson's paste wax while I decided on scales. Having handled it during the laying around / decision process, I managed to lightly scratch...
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    Kydex glue

    Teflon: Clean surface to remove oils, etc., sandblast to roughen, spray the coating and bake to cure. Kydex to Kydex: Devon Plastic Welder works. CA glue works as well for small areas that are not subject to flexing. I've not tried the rubber reinforced CA glues yet.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Sharp Lil Sticker O1 @ 60 HRC
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    Wood for knife handles

    I have used solid (not "engineered") Bamboo flooring and lumber. The end results are fairly plain. Some I used with the layers showing, others sanded through to show the layers. It can machine sanding burn real easy. Bamboo still needs sealing well. I have not tried staining it yet... Also, a...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Kraken Killer !
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    Allow me

    Hi Bruce, Happy Holidays to you and yours! And to all the same! May your knives be merry and bright.
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    Proud enough to share pictures.

    Thank you Gene. I am still having a challenge arriving at a uniform sanded finish. What does everyone use to do a final wipe down with? I have tried Acetone, denatured alcoho, paint thinner and rubbing alcohol. All seem to leave a haze. I have changed and tried many different rags and cloths.
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    Proud enough to share pictures.

    Thanks Bruce. Working on it. Might be able to sell something one day...
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    Proud enough to share pictures.

    Thought I’d share my latest. Kitchen Trio. 8 inch slicer. 6 inch Utility. 3.5 inch Paring AEB-L at 62 HRC
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    Warped 26C3 Blade - A Little Fixing Tool

    Good set up! How did you decide how much to over bend it?
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    Questions for the woodworkers in the group

    I would opt for 1/2” MDF personally. It will be a less flexible, but a tad heavier, if that is a concern. Lots of ways and materials to “edge band” it. Just miter from corner to corner. Might find some molding that will work.
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    Questions for the woodworkers in the group

    MDF (preferred) or Baltic Birch plywood and I would use epoxy to bond the squares. Then I would edge band around all the edges with a complimentary wood. Could even use strips of brass or Damascus. ;-) Seal it all with Polyurethane or TruOil.
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    Rivet identification

    Tubular rivet.
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    Super glue handle finish

    Hi thomster. I have not used that particular brand, but I have tried doing a CA finish using medium and thick formulas. They were more work than using very thin CA. The thin sets very fast without the need for accelerant. Pretty much the moisture from your breath will start the set. CA is a...
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    Tung oil

    Hey TJ, I personally like Tru-Oil because of the feel of it. Seems to me it is grippier than the other finishes I’ve tried. The only thing that I don’t care for on some woods is its slight amber color. And it doesn’t look like a plastic coating.
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    Tung oil