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  1. Scott Davidson

    No makers mark?

    Not saying that this is the problem with yours, but a couple weeks ago, mine did the a similar thing. Long story short, it had a little rust on the screen where the felt pad goes. I took it off and cleaned it , problem solved. Scott
  2. Scott Davidson

    Uncrate and examine your shipped equipment before you sign the acceptance paper!

    My UPS driver asks us to sign for a package. If we see damage, he wont let you open to inspect it, or to see if anything is missing. Says if you open it, its yours. Is this right.
  3. Scott Davidson

    Tony Miller Knives

    That is a very nice knife. The wood is awesome.
  4. Scott Davidson

    Table numbers

    I usually try to take " something for everybody". I also like a wide price range of stuff.
  5. Scott Davidson

    New to Knife Dogs - Here's some of my recent work

    Welcome to knife dogs. Very beautiful work sir.
  6. Scott Davidson

    Thanks folks

    Thank you gentlemen.
  7. Scott Davidson

    Thanks folks

    I received my " Members Choice Awards " in the mail Friday. It was for Best Tactical Fixed Blade. Thanks folks, and thanks Boss. I am still not sure i deserve it, but i will accept it. Friday when i opened the mail , i spotted the package and opened the box, but did not unwrap the plaque. I...
  8. Scott Davidson

    Beware of calls about Blade Show reservations

    Ed, i have received 2 calls in the last 2 days about the same thing. Always bad folks looking to get in your pocket.
  9. Scott Davidson

    Drop point hunter

    A work of art. Nicely done sir.
  10. Scott Davidson

    Laminated hunter

    Wow, what a nice piece. Absolutley a beauty.
  11. Scott Davidson

    Letter Opener

    A very beautiful piece of work.
  12. Scott Davidson

    Mike Quesenberry Knives I picked up

    Wow, they are super nice. Beautiful work sir.
  13. Scott Davidson

    Christmas order delivered this morning.

    Nice one Calvin.
  14. Scott Davidson

    First attempt 1095 need advice

    Hello friend, i use a good bit of 1095 for hoof knives that i make for trimming horses hooves. I am by no means professional with it. I dont do hamons on the hoof knives. I heat to 1500 degrees and quench in parks 50 fast quench. I draw 2 times at 375 for two hours, and end up with a rockwell...
  15. Scott Davidson

    having trouble sharpening 440c

    No worries Wayne, i was just thinking if it was to soft, that would be why its not sharpening up for you. If its 59, thats spot on where it should be. I have used 440c for almost 20 years and still have no problems with it. It should sharpen up. Sometimes things happen that way. I am sure you...
  16. Scott Davidson

    What do you use to cut your metal out?

    I started out cutting out all my blades, but recently started to just use the saw to separate them. I started using one of my grinders with an old 8 inch wheel to grind out the profiles. Its much faster. After slipping once and sticking my thumb in the saw blade, i found another way. This cost...
  17. Scott Davidson

    having trouble sharpening 440c

    What was the Rockwell hardness on the steel after the heat treat ?
  18. Scott Davidson

    Ouch !

    Glad its doing ok. It could have been bad
  19. Scott Davidson

    Help, my pins are showing (how embarassing...)

    Jason , one thing that helps me is to drill a small shallow hole in the flat part of my vise. I drill it about 1/8 to 5/32 deep and what ever size the pin materials you will be using. When i put the pins in the bolster, and lay it flat ready to peen, i locate the pin in the hole , this allows...
  20. Scott Davidson

    Let's see your grinders!

    Thats a big wheel Bruce. I bet its smooth running.