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  1. Jim Coffee

    Jeremy Bartlett Gallery

    Wow amazing work, you are so talented, your daddy must be proud.
  2. Jim Coffee

    A couple of my current edc knives

    Get-r-done. Nice one Jeremy
  3. Jim Coffee

    Hunter/Utility in bronze and ironwood

    Beautiful knife John. Great detailwork.
  4. Jim Coffee

    Spalted curly maple and damascus

    One i made for the Blade show. 13 layer 1084 and 15n20 twist damascus, stabilized curly spalted maple from "Little Woodys stabilized wood" on facebook.
  5. Jim Coffee

    Low layer twist and stag

    Lolololol . guess im a little better at making knives then posting pictures.. thanks guy's
  6. Jim Coffee

    Low layer twist and stag

    13 layers 1084 and 15n20, stacked leather and stainless spacers, Sambar stag handle
  7. Jim Coffee

    Rohde Necker-Yeah. Another one....bleh

    I really like that, nice job.
  8. Jim Coffee

    Afzalia xylay and forged 5160

    This was one of my Journeyman test knives this past year. Forged 5160, frame handle construction with Afzalia xylay scales. Hope you like it. Been a while since ive been posting on here but i plan to change that this year.
  9. Jim Coffee

    Stag and Hamon. Been a while

    A stag knife i made this past year. Forged w-2 and sambar stag
  10. Jim Coffee

    Table numbers

    I like to take 12 - 14 with 2 being big knives of different styles. I'm into the fighters, bowies and hunters, mostly forged or damascus. Table 16Q in the ABS section at the Blade show.
  11. Jim Coffee

    forging press

    Hi Guy's, Anybody have a hydraulic press for sale? Contact me I'm looking for one. Contact number. 330-631-3355 Thanks.
  12. Jim Coffee

    Mushroom hunters knife in W2.

    Nice one Fred.
  13. Jim Coffee

    Mayday mayday...heat treat question

    My father inlaw is having a gear made for a old horizontal mill and the gear needs to be heat treated. The guy making the guy said he makes gear out of 4140. My question is, does anybody have a heat treat recipe for 4140? I need it to come out somewhere around 54rc. Thanks for the help.
  14. Jim Coffee

    Texas Cowboy Bowie

    Beautiful knife John.
  15. Jim Coffee

    Knifedog Award winners

    Congratulations to all the winners, all were well deserved. Thanks for taking the time to put this together Brad.
  16. Jim Coffee

    First attempt at trying to make a slip joint

    Nice job Mike. Can't wait to see it finished.
  17. Jim Coffee

    The Blue Fire Bowie

    Bruce that knife is just beautiful. There are very few knifemakers that have a style all their own and I think in the knife world today you are at the top of that list in style and craftsmanship, every knife you make seems greater then the last one. You set the bar VERY high and VERY few can...
  18. Jim Coffee

    ABS Mastersmith question

    Thanks John
  19. Jim Coffee

    Damascus Hunter

    Great knife Chris. Love that stag....