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  1. Wayne Bensinger

    2 new knives

    Hey everyone, been a long time since I've posted any work, thanks in advance for looking and let me apologize if I've messed up when I downloaded these pictures, I think I posted without any verbage accidentally. Anyway, the first knife was a mistake. The one with the small whitetail antler...
  2. Wayne Bensinger

    Pin layout on full tang knives

    I certainly don't have near the credentials of Ed, but I'm with him, if it looks good then I'll buy so to speak. In the beginning I was guilty of overthinking things a it always came back to "if it looks good to my eye" go with it like Ed said. Wayne
  3. Wayne Bensinger

    The Spaniard

    Awesome, you nailed it. As some of the guys here already know, my favorite knives are Bowies and one of my favorite materials to work with is copper, so that one is right up my alley, great knife. Love the leather too. Wayne
  4. Wayne Bensinger

    I hate smart people!

    There's a bunch of those type living around everyone of us, shame. Wayne
  5. Wayne Bensinger

    What's going on in your shop?

    Very nice knives and wood, you'll be making a lot of knives too use up all that stock! Wayne
  6. Wayne Bensinger

    Problem with stainless envelope

    Thanks Ed, I thought I'd be ok. I also thought I bought 2100' envelope material, guess not, lol. So is cpm154 the same as 154cm.
  7. Wayne Bensinger

    Problem with stainless envelope

    Hi all, I had a peculiar situation last evening while hardening a piece of 154cm. I believe I went to high on my temp- instead of going to 1850', I went to 1950'. The biggest problem I had was that the stainless envelope stuck fairly hard to the blade, although I did manage to get it off. Can...
  8. Wayne Bensinger

    My WIP-Tactical Cleaver?

    Looks great, once you file a spine you'll be looking for more place to do your art, lol. Wayne
  9. Wayne Bensinger

    More hate than love for Kirinite

    That's a bummer, can't help but think you could turn a negetive into a positive here. Man that knife would look great with a SS bolster or even bolsters made from the same Damascus, and it almost broke in the perfect spot, just a thought though. Wayne
  10. Wayne Bensinger

    My WIP-Tactical Cleaver?

    Man, your gonna love that grinder, lol, bet your arms going to thank you.
  11. Wayne Bensinger

    New Bowie

    If I'm not mistaken it is a polyester material. I got it at USA Knifemaker but I'm not sure how popular it is, it looks like there's only a couple of pieces left. Since this knife won't see any heavy action I decided to use it up, but with the easy of cutting and shaping, Im really not sold on...
  12. Wayne Bensinger

    New Bowie

    Yeah, I wasn't sure about using that snow leopard either, it's been in my shop for a while, but I like it. When you use your piece I'm sure that you'll notice that there are air bubbles and small inclusions in the mix. I had one air bubble turn up right near one of the green spacers but was able...
  13. Wayne Bensinger

    Lanny's clip slipjoint

    So if I understand this, you have a brass pin or two in each bolster that you peen from the inside and it's the same for the bone. That makes sense as well does the glued spacers. Guess now my next question is how is it put together, I don't see any screws, is it just those two brass pins in the...
  14. Wayne Bensinger

    Lanny's clip slipjoint

    Really like that knife, nice job. If you don't mind me asking, how are the spacers held in place as well as the brass bolsters. I can see the the wood has the brass pins, but I'd love to understand how the rest stays together, it's such a clean look. Wayne
  15. Wayne Bensinger

    My WIP-Tactical Cleaver?

    Man, that's a lot of filing and a darn good looking finish for files. I'm no expert on cleavers but would tend to think that a secondary bevel on such a tool would be ok because the tool isn't used to slice so to speak, but power its way right through whatever it is your choppping. To me the...
  16. Wayne Bensinger

    first sword first habaki help ?

    Hello, I think you are asking how to go about evening up the shoulders on a hidden tang blade so your guard fits squarely. Some use a file guide which is a simple tool that works well, you can find many posts here about them. I personally use my milling machine with a stop at the tip of the...
  17. Wayne Bensinger

    New Bowie

    Hi guys, hope all is well. Boy, it's seems like it's been forever since I've posted a picture of any knives I've completed. Here's a Bowie that I need to just complete the leather sheath. Specs are: Hidden tang 154CM-59RC 12" tip to end 304 SS guard and forefinger groove Snow leopard handle...
  18. Wayne Bensinger

    What do you consider "proprietary"?

    Hey guys, lm definitely one who wants to share and agree with what's been said buy guys like Ed. I just started helping a 14 yr old learn to make his first knife and can tell you it's very rewarding to see his eyes light up at the thought of shaping the blade or heat treating, pretty amazing...
  19. Wayne Bensinger

    Huon Valley Tasmania

    Welcome, some of the kitchen cutlery the guys here turn out are awesome, you should find all the answers you need. Wayne
  20. Wayne Bensinger

    Hello from South Africa

    Welcome from Pennsylvania, good luck, I'm sure once you take the plunge you'll be hooked like the rest of us, lol. Wayne