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  1. soundmind

    "Camp Cook" Damascus folder

    Great photo
  2. soundmind

    Guard for full tang knife

    Is it a really clean solder joint?...or maybe the silver line on the guard is a reflection off the blade.
  3. soundmind

    Forging in a Garage

    For some reason i can’t edit my posts. As an afterthought you can also deflect the heat somehow from it being concentrated on one part of the ceiling with either a peice of metal or kaowool or both. Those are probably better choices than only sheetrock. And if its just metal keep it from being...
  4. soundmind

    ADS Mammoth Hunter

    Beutiful knife. i really like the pattern and color of the ivory.
  5. soundmind

    Forging in a Garage

    And besides carbon monoxide they say not to stick anything galvanized in there.
  6. soundmind

    Forging in a Garage

    I don’t think the height is a problem. At least not right away. You’d have time to run it and watch it for awhile.
  7. soundmind

    DeMo 2022 Kith

    You snuck that one in! Nice animal. I like the tenderloins too. I hide them from my wife so they don’t end up either in the grinder or as jerky. I agree with steve about your hunting and avatar pictures. I thought that was a guy you ran into out hunting. Lol. Took me a minute. I’m following...
  8. soundmind

    Canvas micarta pair.

    I agree on the micarta. Almost got some the other day, but not spending any more money on handle material for a while.
  9. soundmind

    What's going on in your shop?

    I never thought about how similar those two blade types are. Both beautiful. I'm sure the groom was extremely pleased. OP, nice finish.
  10. soundmind

    Heat treating

    Larrin's book and videos are super helpful.
  11. soundmind

    Heat treating

    For my normalizing, thermal cycling, and quenching temps I did a 120 second count hold for each. I didn't go that high either on my austentizing temp. But I have a gas forge so can't say for sure. I shot for what I thought was just above 1500. Still new myself, but I carried this blade for a...
  12. soundmind

    What's going on in your shop?

    Thanks Johan - Surprisingly I did, too. Most have my knives have been pointy hunters, but I'm going to try to make a few more like this. In this case it was a skinning knife and I just didn't like the point so high. So, I ground off about 1/2 inch and kind of discovered it by accident.
  13. soundmind

    What's going on in your shop?

    first go around with a saya, too. I ended up with a good fit. It's curly maple, brass, and lined with black lightweight leather. The inside of the chicago bolt aids retention.
  14. soundmind

    What's going on in your shop?

    I have always liked stone on knife handles. First go around with it. And the next time will be between bolters or as spacers. This is serpentine. It looks like there are cracks in it, but it's not. Those straight lines are the other mineral running through it. Although it might be a fracture...
  15. soundmind

    First post, first knife made

    I just made one out of a file for myself - as an experiment to give local guys an alternative to the saw blades they usually use... I thought it would be simple to draw it, shape it, and put a handle on. On mine I couldn't grind it (with a ceramic belt) until I did a 400 degree temper. I've...
  16. soundmind

    Osage Orange

    Wallace I know your further along in the game than me...but I'll post these pics for what it's worth... it's true oil on unstabized birch which is not a dense wood. I also used it on moose this year and it cleaned up well. Good luck.
  17. soundmind

    I hate guards...

  18. soundmind

    I hate guards...

    Thanks fitzo. I'll cache your reply. Its helpful. I've been off the forums lately but got an email from KD of recent threads. This one caught my attention because I'm not sure if you can ever keep that line clean when you start using the knife. I always seem to scratch it up later when I clean...
  19. soundmind

    I hate guards...

    I would like to try that fitzo, only I can't see how to clean that up.
  20. soundmind

    natural stones and polished edges

    Thanks again for the replies.