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    Knife for my wife.

    Nice work Calvin
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    Liner lock with baby....

    Calvin, nice work as usual, I like the dillo handle material
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    Texas Jack

    They look good to me
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    Chuck Ward photos from A.G.Russell show

    Beautiful work Calvin
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    Frictin folder with mother of pearl.

    looks good by me
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    small chef knife

    Looks good
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    RH Crossdraw

    Nice work
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    Slipjoint in red linen.

    Nice job Calvin
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    Nice job all the way around
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    extra heavy duty camp knife

    That one is a paw full thats for sure, nice looking blade. I like the orange G10 scales.
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    Red linen folder.

    Good job Calvin
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    Wild Country #2 Bowie

    Looks good great work
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    Clip Point w/ DM

    I know that feeling of messing up, being new into knife making I have had several so far that got remodified from its original state, however like your knife they worked out in the end and someone bought them. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger and in this case what doesn't destroy the...
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    Graduation present in G10

    It will make a graduate happy to receive this. Nice work
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    4" Ivory Backpocket

    Nice job
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    Knife for American Valor Benefit

    Nice work on the knife and a great cause as well
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    Nice job all the way around