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    Few questions I have while I'm away from home for the week

    1. It’s my friend’s granddad who works on oil rigs that’s getting me the used cable, easy enough to just ask, if I’d asked a couple of months ago I would have been able to get a few miles of the stuff. 2. Looking around at different possibilities right now, we are good friends with Michal...
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    Few questions I have while I'm away from home for the week

    I'm out of town up here in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the week. I've brought all my reading resources, drafting gear and whatnot, for when I have nothing to do. But I got a couple of things on my mind: one is the fact that I have found an abundant source of thick oil rig cable(theoretical...
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    What would be the recomended tonage for a hydraulic press?

    Alright then! That makes things a bit easier, looks like I'm going to have the full harbor freight set of tools pretty soon. Once we replace the our dead compressor I'll snag one and get some form of press running
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    What would be the recomended tonage for a hydraulic press?

    Unfortunately this project may be scrapped before it hits the starting gate. So far all the hydraulic cylinders I've been looking at, in the 20 ton range, have been at least $700 without the pumps to go along with it. So unless I can find a system in my price range I guess I'll be buying a 10#...
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    What would be the recomended tonage for a hydraulic press?

    Thanks BossDog, helps narrow down what I'm looking for, I now need to figure out what to do about press plates, probably go to one of the nearby steel shops and get them to cut me a couple flat plates and a couple with 1-3/8 inch semicircular chanels to drop some of my hardened 1045 rod into...
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    Anyone know of a good easy forgin steel?

    Second thread I've had on here that I didn't expect to see again. I have gotten a good supply of 1045 steel, about 3 pounds of which I formed into a hammer with brian(its kinda nice living nearby and being able to be a part of the mississippi forge council), the main thing I'm suffering from...
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    What would be the recomended tonage for a hydraulic press?

    Semester is finally over and I have an entire summer to work out in the shop. I've been trying a couple of things with my forge the past couple of days, and I have come to the conclusion that everything I have is too big for forging. I've got me a 20ton pump hydraulic press from harbor freight...
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    forge material questions

    Pi times the radius squared, times the length will give you your volume, which will calculate out 339 cubic inches volume, this is assuming your forge body is 8 inches in diameter, which will give you 6 inches diameter inside of the wool. alternatively: you can use this
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    Round or Square ?

    A round chamber will be the most efficient, the most important thing it gives you is a good vortex of heat when angled into the curve of the forge, as apposed to your heat being shot into a solid wall with a square forge, it gives you even temp throughout the forge as apposed to a few hot spots...
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    Forge complete, a couple of questions

    lol, we have allot of harbor freight tools, I need to figure out how to convert that press to work with different fullers, this 1-3/8" diameter bar is going to take allot of hand work otherwise. The only problem I have with the capped ends right now Is I cut the blankets too thin and there is a...
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    Micarta experimentation

    The general idea is there, but there is more I would like to try, and now that I have my forge built I'll be able to start working some serviceable blades to make handles for. One thing, has anyone tried making micarta around a knife? I'm looking at taking one or two long strips of fabric dipped...
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    Forge complete, a couple of questions

    So basically at this point, no guides to proper use, and I get to start figuring it out. Sounds like a plan, need to get the IR coating in and I'll get back to working it.
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    Forge complete, a couple of questions

    A couple of questions for yall who have made a venturi set up before. For the first firing I was able to work it down to where it will run on 5 psi of pressure with either 1 or 2 burners running, is it favorable to run on higher psi or lower?
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    Anyone know of a non-radioshack place to get ferric?

    Local radio shack says they pulled it off the shelves a few months back and I have no clue where else to buy from, anyone got a suggestion? T.Hunter
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    asdvice on ovenless heat treat

    wasn't expected to see this 2 month old thread again, but that don't count for anything. Anyways, I got a 20ft bar of 1-3/8 inch diameter 1045 from the parents for Christmas(100lbs of steel), so it looks like I will be working on it whatever the case. I've got all the materials ready to make...
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    LPG head Torch

    I would recomend a zoeller burner or something of the like depending on the size of the tank, and allot of what you do is specific to your needs, there are some around like this one and there are some on here that I don't have bookmarked. Mainly what you need are to get the specific requirements...
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    WIP -- 1st knife from scratch

    You thought of gluing the scales and filling in the file-work in one go? It may give you a more rigid bond with another solid surface to bind to.
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    Help Design the perfect forge! Input needed...

    after a few months of research I put together these designs and materials list. Using a 12 inch diameter forge body. Two layers of 1" blanket 2" wide, the outer layer jointed at the top, inner layer at the bottom. Then a .25" of casted refractory around the entire inner diameter of the...
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    Has anyone ever thought of making bevel dies?

    In the complete modern blacksmith, there is a jig made using a U shaped leaf spring to hold a top and bottom die on an anvil, allowing the smith to hold both steel and hammer. I was wondering if anyone had ever thought to make bevel dies for use in something like this, mostly just for a concave...
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    Google sketchup tutorial?

    I've got inkscape myself, it is an excellent vector drawing program. Jd, ms paint will only go so far, pixel art and strait lines, as well as the complete inability to edit curves without having to erase and work the curve pixel by pixel. Things like inkscape will let you adjust curves you set...