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  1. MTBob

    Knife Scale Recommendations - Xmas Gift

    I'd like to get my son a couple of nifty knife scale blanks for Christmas. Any recommended sources?
  2. MTBob

    Leather Question - Color Transfer

    I'm new to leather working, so here's a newbie question. When staining / coloring a leather sheath many makers recommend putting stain on the upper / inside part of the sheath. This gives the sheath an overall similar color when looking in the "knife hole". However, having applied the stain...
  3. MTBob

    Platen Assembly Modifications

    I thought I'd show a recap of some modifications I've made to the Reeder grinder platen assembly. As a hobbyist knife maker, I enjoy making tools and modifying equipment about as much as knife making. My grinder doesn't stand the test of full time knife making, but it does get used hard for...
  4. MTBob

    Bought A New Mill... Now What Can I Do With It?

    I'm a sucker for nifty looking machinery & tools. I found this curious little "mill" on CL at a price I couldn't pass up. Even though I've got a nice Clausing 8520 Knee Mill, I just figured a guy can't have too many mills...(that's what I told my wife)! This thing is manufactured by Vanda Lay...
  5. MTBob

    What Causes This Discolorization?

    Can anyone tell me what causes the discoloration of the steel in this photo? It is heat treated 80CrV2 from AKS, coated with ATP641, 5 min soak at 1575F, quenched in Canola Oil, tempered at 375. Post heat treat, the blade was ground flat (by hand) prior to adding the primary grind. It has...
  6. MTBob

    Cleaning Conditioning Belt?

    My conditioning belts look like they are getting clogged up with crud. Is there a way to clean them, or is it necessary?
  7. MTBob

    New Bandsaw Blade for Thin Metal

    I typically use a 14 tooth bandsaw blade for general metal cutting (and most anything else). But, a 14 TPI blade is not designed to cut .080" steel knife blanks. It'll cut OK, for a while, until the teeth begin to disintegrate. I've always used the general rule that there needs to be a...
  8. MTBob

    Stainless Bolsters - Glue or No Glue Before Peening?

    I finally took the plunge and tried my first pinned dovetailed stainless bolsters on a steak knife (photos later). To get the bolsters initially positioned, I epoxied the bolsters onto the blade. Before glue setup I removed and cleaned the pins, then tapering the pin holes, smashing the pins...
  9. MTBob

    Tell Me Again - Why Do I Need An Electric HT Oven?

    It seems everything I read says that I need an electric oven to heat treat stainless steel. Apparently the electric oven provides better temperature control. But, that's where the numbers don't add up for me. Let's say I'm shooting for a 1500F austenitizing temperature. Ovens like Paragon and...
  10. MTBob

    Free To New Maker - 1x30 Surgi Strop

    In keeping with CDHumiston's gifting idea - I have an excess 1"x30" leather strop to give to a new knife maker. In a fog-filled purchasing frenzy I picked the 1x30 instead of the 1x42 that I use. I'll throw in a chunk of white diamond polish to get started & pay shipment (as long as it's not...
  11. MTBob

    2x72 Grinder Hacks - For Reeder & Others

    I've had my Reeder grinder about 3 years and have found it to be well built and very versatile. I've also found there are a number of modifications to the grinder that improves its operation. Most of the mods I've done on the Reeder are also applicable to other grinders. Here's the first one...
  12. MTBob

    I'm Back...With A New Hip

    I'm not one to be too public with my personal life, so I haven't said anything about the health issues I've had for the past 6 months or so. Around March (2021) I began having pains in my legs and back, so much that I couldn't stand in my shop or walk around our house. After much doctoring...
  13. MTBob

    Stop Tru-Oil Hardening

    In an earlier posting, most of us complained about Tru-Oil hardening in its original container. Here's one way to keep it liquid. I simply transferred to the oil to syringes which minimized the amount of air exposed to the oil. I made a little cap plug from some moldable plastic and made a...
  14. MTBob

    Milling the Primary Angle?

    In Don Robinson's book, Slipjoints My Way, he demonstrates cutting a blade's primary angle on his mill using a tilt table. I would show a photo, but don't want to violate his copyright. Don actually mills two blades using this method, connected end to end on one piece of metal. It's a clever...
  15. MTBob

    Using the Viel Grinder to make serrations - Proof of Concept

    This is a follow-on posting to my earlier post where I questioned whether a Viel Grinder could / would make satisfactory serration grinds before I bought one. Well, after some brief testing, I think the verdict is in - it works! With literally no modifications, this grinder will place...
  16. MTBob

    Grind Serrations with a Profile Grinder? What'da Ya Think?

    Just saw this grinder on CL and thought it might be adaptable to making accurate serration cuts on a blade edge. Has anyone tried using this kind of grinder for that purpose? It's primarily used for making customized molding cutters for wood working.
  17. MTBob

    Warped 26C3 Blade - A Little Fixing Tool

    With my first venture into thin 26C3 (.78") I found an ugly 1/32" lengthwise bend/warp after HT in Parks 50. After tempering at 350 the steel is around RC 64ish, per AKS graph. The warp would not move with cold bending. I read that placing the blade back in the oven and coming up to the...
  18. MTBob

    A Little Known Craigslist Search Method

    Most of us have used Craigslist with varying degrees of success. A few months ago I ran across a phone App called Cubix, an App that let's you monitor or "crawl" across whatever Craigslist location you want to view. You can customize the settings for location (all US, state, city), subject...
  19. MTBob

    Quench Tank Build - WIP - Does this make sense?

    I'm finally going to get serious about quenchant. I got some Parks 50 and decided that a new tank was needed. I could buy one, but that's no fun... and they won't be built like I want. Since I don't know from noth'in about quench tanks, I just noodled up something seems like it should work...
  20. MTBob

    Parks #50 Sourcing

    I need some fast oil for some 26C3 knives I'm making. Common knife making supply sources are out of the stuff. Based on KD postings from McCaffery & Cashen, etc., I decided to only buy the original certified Parks #50. I called Maxim Oil, 817-293-4645, they sell the original Parks oil...