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  1. Chris Railey

    Free knife pattern

    I found a link to a knife pattern Pop's is giving away free right now. I know some makers are always looking for patterns, especially free ones.
  2. Chris Railey

    Smoking deal on belts.

    I follow this guy on IG. He has come into a large supply of cubitron and trizact belts in the 6x160 size. If you can splice belts you could potentially get 6 2x72’s out of one. He is selling them for $10 a belt. That works out to about $1.60 for each 2x72. I do not know him personally so I...
  3. Chris Railey

    I made this and thought I would share

    Nevermind, I do not know why I bother...
  4. Chris Railey

    Best way to cut up a burl

    Its no secret that I am addicted to burls. I have a couple of cherry burls coming so I am wondering what is the best way to cut a burl? I told the guy to cross cut the log above the burl and below the burl and bring me the whole thing and I will figure out how to cut it. So as a log sits...
  5. Chris Railey

    First Higonokami.

    I made this from Damascus cutoffs and copper scrap. Not too bad for a first try.
  6. Chris Railey

    Now this is a cool grinder

    If I were not already committed to 2x72 I would have to consider this grinder. Its very well thought out.
  7. Chris Railey

    Do you know what this is?

    That is the last time my post vise moves on me...No jokes about the welding, my 14 year old apprentice wanted to do the welding. Its solid for sure.
  8. Chris Railey

    Might be worth looking at this...

    If you are looking for a HT Kiln this one might be worth investigating. It is computer controlled, though I do not know much about that controller. For the price I just thought I would put it out there. Looks brand new
  9. Chris Railey

    Calling all Puukko makers...

    I am going to make a few puukkos. What is the traditional shape for the handle? I know its not round I am thinking more like an upside down teardrop shape?
  10. Chris Railey

    Check this out. Cool factor is high... Thoughts?
  11. Chris Railey

    First impressions on the Cowboy Outlaw Sewing Machine

    I literally received my machine yesterday. I got home form work about 1800 hours and ate dinner then started opening the machine at about 1920. The machine comes with five bobbins, a bobbin winder, a professional thread stand, a big fat spool of really good thread and some spare parts. The...
  12. Chris Railey

    What wood is this?

    I received this in a gift exchange and it was marked Ironwood. It is hard and dense. Has a bad smell when you grind it. The best way I found to work it is slow speed fairly sharp belts. Finishes like glass the photos have no finish just sanded to 800. I just thought Ironwood was way darker...
  13. Chris Railey

    Well I finally did it...

    I broke down and ordered my CowBoy Outlaw hand crank sewing machine. I am broke again but I will no longer need to sew by hand. Currently in my process sheaths are a big slow down so this should help a lot. I will post some stuff once I get it and figure it out...
  14. Chris Railey

    Never thought it would make much difference...

    I recently have become frustrated with my grinds (I grind freehand) not staying even toward the end of my process. I have tried everything I could think of but still I would almost get it perfect then bam it goes crooked. Then I remembered an old post on here from someone talking about glass...
  15. Chris Railey

    Quick change die holders for Coal Ironworks 12 ton press

    Ken H and I have been collaborating behind the scenes on some quick change die holders for the 12 ton press since we each have one. Here is my version. I made these out of stuff from my materials storage pile so they are a little rough looking but they will work. No jokes about my welding.
  16. Chris Railey

    What can a Redneck do...

    ...With two pieces of Re-bar, a six inch piece of 1.75x1.75 square tube and an old sawblade? Make a grinder attachment holder.
  17. Chris Railey

    Anyone heard from Ed?

    Ed has kind of disappeared here lately I hope he is just busy teaching or making knives. Anyone heard from him lately?
  18. Chris Railey

    6150 testing

    I agreed to do some testing on this steel which I have never used for yosam. He sent me enough to test because he wants the info to be shared. I respect that especially because he does not know what the results will be and he has a lot of it to sell. Yosam has been patient as I have been busy...
  19. Chris Railey

    Fillet knife template.

    Does anyone have a good fillet knife template they are willing to share? If you wish to remain anonymous to the open forum just PM me and I will keep it private. Thanks.
  20. Chris Railey

    For our Golf fans

    There is hardly any crowd this year. I have never seen the cabin when it was not covered up with people.