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  1. opaul

    Guard for full tang knife

    I was looking at this beautiful knife by Walter Brand. I am at a loss as how he builds a full tang knife with a one piece guard. At first I thought it was a two piece bolster type construction but the photo clearly shows a one piece guard. Anyone know how it’s done?
  2. opaul

    O Paul’s KITH build

    I got started on Chris’s knife today. He got a Bowie from me in the last one I participated in - but no Bowie this time. I know Chris likes to hunt and camp so I thought this knife would be a nice companion on those adventures. The steel is 52100 and construction will be a’3 piece knife’...
  3. opaul

    First welding machine

    I’d like to be able to weld some items now and then - like fire place pokers, angle iron, etc. Not any heavy fabrication. I’m looking at this welder, but would like to hear your opinions on getting a first welder. I don’t think I want to go with a gas welder so I’m limited to wire flux units...
  4. opaul


    I was able to pick this up about three years ago for a very good price. It came with lots of mill ends and attachments. I’ll use it for drilling mostly and hopefully will learn how to mill a guard slot. Just got it cleaned up and oiled. Waiting on a 1/2” x 1/4” chuck key to put it to work.
  5. opaul

    How to grind this shape

    I was looking at a few Loveless knives and this is his model #1 fighter. How would you accomplish the curved grind on the spine/swage? Is it done with files by hand or on the grinder?
  6. opaul

    Peter Wright Anvil

    I looked at a really nice Peter Wright anvil today. Great rebound and condition. It’s 125 pounder. I’d like to get it but he wouldn’t budge off $1,000.
  7. opaul

    Gas forge

    I have a single burner diamond back. And it’s provided great service. However I’m now looking into getting another forge, primarily for knife making. The top three candidates are Mathewson, Majestic and Chili. I’ve read pros and cons on all three. The Mathewson seems to have a lot of nice...
  8. opaul

    Anvil mounting height

    What is the general suggestions for anvil height for forging knives? I’ve read knuckle height but then read that was an old suggestion when a lot of smithing was done with sledge hammers. My memory is not what it used to be but seems like a blacksmith class I took years back recommended...
  9. opaul


    I’ve seen a little change in a few of the latest showings. The 4 youngest bladesmith episode was really good IMHO. The guys turned out some nice work. I’m really surprised that they didn’t try to get more talent in the 200th episode. Judge Bakers fantasy knife episode was pretty good. NTL...
  10. opaul

    SOLD-KMG TX price reduction

    Selling my KMG TX grinder with articulating table rest, spare tooling arm and slack belt attachment. $2,500. Would prefer to sell in or around Raleigh NC. Will consider a meet up if possible. I also have a couple of small wheels and small wheel attachments I can include for additional $’s.
  11. opaul

    Little hamon line blade - Finished Pics added

    This is the blade that is going to have a stacked leather handle.
  12. opaul


    I may try a folder shortly. Any of you guys have a template or recommend a place where I can get plans to try this phase of knife building? Thanks!
  13. opaul

    Forged Feather Damascus Three Finger

    I got a beautiful piece of feather damacus billet from forum member billyO. I decided to cut off a small piece and try forging up a small blade OAL is 6". I think the wood came from J. Doyle. This photo is with one coat of true oil. I forgot to put my makers mark on it :(.
  14. opaul

    Small Bowie in Damascus and Stag

    Credit for the beautiful damascus billet goes to Benjy forum member and friend. I have a few more tweaks to do but it's essentially finished for photo op. I need to take Ed's advise and get out the magnifying glasses to make sure all the bugs are off - just kidding - still lots of fit and...
  15. opaul

    Not funny to me April fools

    I received an email from Combat abrasive thanking me for a order - I have not ordered anything from them in a while - so I kind of ignore it. Then another email that said invoiced attached. I opened the email and the invoice was listed as $7,321! A few lines down it said April fool! This was...
  16. opaul

    Cool morning for forging

    It's been a few weeks since I was in the shop but was able to get out and start on a blade this morning. I cut a section of a twist damascus billet I got from Benjy and went at it. Here are some photos of the progress so far. After gettting it profiled and sanded I heated it up and I'm...
  17. opaul

    Latest FIF

    Pretty interesting episode with the match up on second chance contestants. But the second one with the female contestant was interesting. Her male counter part was sweating his shirt through but it appeared she never broke a sweat. Maybe my wife is right - men sweat women glisten.
  18. opaul

    Wait until the build ends to sharpen!

    Ok, so NORMALLY I wait until all the fit and finish is done before I sharpen a knife. Yesterday, for some reason, I decided to sharpen that Bowie I'm building with still more work to do around the guard/handle. I probably do as a lot of you guys do - put a light coat of oil on the blade, wrap...
  19. opaul

    13" Bowie

    This one is about 90% complete.
  20. opaul

    Little Skinner

    W2 with differential heat treat, micarta with G10 inserts and liners.