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  1. Allen Newberry

    Pocket Cutlass by Allen Newberry

    This is a pocket cutlass and has an overall length of 6 1/2'' with a blade length of almost 3 1/4''. It has an edge quenched blade of 1095 high carbon steel and the handles are green canvas micarta with stainless steel hardware. It comes with a leather belt sheath by Butch Hagedorn. It is...
  2. Allen Newberry

    newberry knives survival tin knives in cf & natural canvas micarta

    I've got two survival tin neck knives with kydex sheaths available. One is in a carbon fiber and red G-10 laminate and the other is in natural canvas micarta. The steel is 1095 and the blade length on these is about 1 1/4'' and the overall length is about 3 1/2'' The steel thickness is 3/32''...
  3. Allen Newberry

    June Meeting

    Looks like tomorrow is the June meeting, and it looks like I should be able to go! I look forward to seeing you guys.
  4. Allen Newberry

    Eight Point Star Silver Wire Inlay Bowie

    This is a bowie made from 5160 with an overall length of about 15'' and a blade length around 10''. It has a curly maple handle with eight point star silver wire inlays on both sides. And here is with the sheath that Butch Hagedorn made for it:
  5. Allen Newberry

    survival tin neck knife

    It has been a while since I posted one up for sale, so I figured it was about time. These guys are made to fit inside an Altoids tin without the sheath on. They also make for a really light neck knife. This one is made from 3/32'' 1095 and has a blade length of about 1 1/4'' and the...
  6. Allen Newberry

    ABS Bladesmithing School Week Two

    The focus of the second week was on making knives that would be able to pass the ABS J.S. performance test. The test however, is not an official test. Here is the beginning of my knife. At this stage I have just shaped the point. Then a trip to the power hammer to put on...
  7. Allen Newberry

    ABS Bladesmithing School Week One of Two

    I am just back at my house for the weekend in between week one and week two of the ABS Introduction to bladesmithing course. So here are a few pictures from week one. Here is a shot of part of the forging area: Jim Crowell using one of the power hammers: We have been able...
  8. Allen Newberry

    Cool Hammer recommendation?

    I just had a birthday the other day and have been thinking about treating myself to a new hammer. :D (That is if I don't get sidetracked by a new knife or gun first.) So anyone have a cool hammer? Don't forget pictures and links if you've got them. Hofi? Caffrey? Goo? That one that is carved...
  9. Allen Newberry

    Name Change Request

    I would like to change from: mrnewberry to Allen Newberry Thanks
  10. Allen Newberry

    Let's see some hamons!

    I just did a little etching today and it put me in the mood to see some more hamons. So let's see those hamons! 2thumbs Whether you own it, made it, or admire it. Here is one I did recently just to get us started:
  11. Allen Newberry

    newberry knives Altoids tin survival kit neck knife

    I have one of my little neck knives that fit inside an Altoids tin available. They work really well for the survival kits that can be made with Altoids tins. They are also a VERY light neck knife. This is probably the last one that will be available for a while. Although, I will take orders...
  12. Allen Newberry

    newberry knives Altoids Tin Survival Kit Neck Knife

    (The knife on top) Here is one newberry knives Altoids tin survival kit neck knife in 1095 steel with a kydex neck sheath and ball chain for SOLD (no kit included). Dimensions: Blade length about 1 1/4'' and overall about 3 1/2'' The steel thickness is 3/32''. (shipping is SOLD) These little...
  13. Allen Newberry

    Knife Giveaway Tonight! (Sunday 2/28)

    I am giving away one of my knives tonight over on my forum. All you have to do is post anywhere in my forum for a chance to win. Check out this thread for more info:
  14. Allen Newberry

    more fun with clay and 1095

    This is one that I just completed. It has a cocobolo handle and a blade of 1095 with a clay heat treatment. Here is the sheath that Butch Hagedorn made for it. 2thumbs
  15. Allen Newberry


    I have started making a few santokus. I enjoy having a bit more room to play around with clay etc. on a blade that is larger than most of what I do. Here is a picture of the blade after I etched it. This picture came out a bit better than the other one.
  16. Allen Newberry

    newberry knives edc

    This is a newberry knives edc. The steel is 1095 and the handles are margarita G-11. The sheath was made by Butch Hagedorn.
  17. Allen Newberry

    newberry knives
  18. Allen Newberry

    newberry knives pocket cutlass

    Here are some photos of a pocket cutlass that I made and had Chuck Ward take a few photos of. The steel is 1095 that has been etched in an etchant with copper and brass. After the etch it is plated but I removed most of the copper/brass except for where it is most tenacious which includes...
  19. Allen Newberry

    Hello... (Allen Newberry of newberry knives)

    Hello, My name is Allen Newberry and I enjoy making knives as well as kicking around in the woods and fishing etc. I just found this forum and I am looking forward to digging through it. Looks like there are several good makers here and I am sure quite a few all around good people.