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  1. Bill Vining

    Feathering adhesive leaking out.

    Anyone have any issues with the tube leaking? My last 2 tubes have leaked all over the drawer. The cap is always tight and it's in a temp controlled room. The leaks have both occurred on the bottom of the tube.
  2. Bill Vining

    What's going on in your shop?

    Finally got some time to spend in the shop. Three on the bench. A Lanny's clip slippy and 2 hidden release autos.
  3. Bill Vining

    Disc Grinder

    I made this attachment several years ago and put it away when I purchased a standalone unit. It's homemade and will bolt on to a standard 1 1/2" tooling arm. Comes with a Beaumont 9" beveled disc and 4" drive wheel. $225.00 shipped CONUS.
  4. Bill Vining

    Long time coming....

    It's tough sanding and filing with a torn rotator cuff but I finally got through it. Difficult to capture the actual colors. Timascus with Del Ealy nitre blued damascus. Now I just need to concentrate on my photography skills.
  5. Bill Vining

    NCCA Knife shows

    You have more than enough knives for a table. I brought 7 to the CT show last year. Sold all but 1 and got 2 orders. There is a very well known maker who does the shows and he brings 1 knife. It's all about getting your face out there so people will know who you are.
  6. Bill Vining

    NCCA Knife shows

    I am a life member of NCCA. The Marlboro show is a smaller show but has quite a range of knives. Mix of custom makers, purveyors, tables of old military stuff. Not sure what you are into it's not a bad show at all. If I can get a few more knives done, I may get a table.
  7. Bill Vining

    Slight setback

    That's exactly what they use in PT. So far, it seems to me working.
  8. Bill Vining

    Slight setback

    An update: All testing and imaging completed. Good carpal tunnel. Bad news............bunch of other stuff. Numbness and tingling in the hands may be due to the pinched nerves in my neck. It was diagnosed as peripheral neuropathy. Tendonitis in my shoulder along with a slightly...
  9. Bill Vining

    Slight setback

    Glad you are on the mend Ed. My visit to the doctor was pretty standard. Plenty of X-Rays that showed nothing. MRI being scheduled. Once the MRI and EMG is completed, they may have a better idea on what going on.
  10. Bill Vining

    Slight setback

    So I have a few on the bench that I'm trying to get done. Due to some physical issues, this is taking longer than expected. First of all, I am having issues with my shoulder. I have limited movement which makes it tough to do anything. In addition, Carpal Tunnel is kicking my butt. My hands are...
  11. Bill Vining

    Help ID'ing old folder

    I met Lhomond Jones at a show a while ago. He had a display of hundreds of Hobo knives. He is quite an authority on them. Shoot him an email at I'm sure he can supply some information on that knife.
  12. Bill Vining

    Another 5 blade stockman

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Don. I've tried in the past but was not satisfied with the results. I'll eventually give it another go. Craig, What tool do you use to make those straight square cuts in your bolsters and liners?
  13. Bill Vining

    Another 5 blade stockman

    Beautiful work! One of these days I will attempt a 5 blade.
  14. Bill Vining

    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Prayers for your wife and your family.
  15. Bill Vining

    Etching logo on titanium?

    Thanks Ed. I may just try using the stencils and anodizing my logo.
  16. Bill Vining

    Etching logo on titanium?

    Anyone ever etch your logo on titanium? What did you use for electrolyte?
  17. Bill Vining

    How do you etch your damascus?

    I have always had trouble getting a deep black etch on my carbon damascus. It always seems to come out more gray than anything else. I have tried many methods recommended by other makers and I've never been happy with the results. I've recently spent some time trying various methods trying to...
  18. Bill Vining

    I'm seriously considering giving up knife making

    I took a very long hiatus from making knives. Started back up a few months ago. Talk about knives fighting back, I also have a scrap pile that would be the envy of any metal recycler. Ti, stainless, damascus and so on. For me, it's very painful to make something 2 or 3 times before I get it...
  19. Bill Vining

    Etching machine build.

    I used one of these for years until I tried to use it as a carbidizer. A little smoke and a few crackles later, it ended up in the trash. As far as an etcher goes, it always worked great.
  20. Bill Vining

    Simple knife design program??

    I use eMachineshop. Easy to learn and free.