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  1. Gliden07

    Temper question

    I asked this question in the main forum it was suggested to ask it here. So copy and paste is my friend!! Why do we temper blade as soon as we can out of quench?? I never questioned it just did it so, now I'm asking!! LOL!! Other than it being brittle and the chance of the blade breaking...
  2. Gliden07

    Temper question

    This is really kinda a Newb question really. Why do we temper blade as soon as we can out of quench?? I never questioned it just did it so now I'm asking!! LOL!! Other than it being brittle and the chance of the blade breaking what is the reason. Thanks!
  3. Gliden07

    Stabilized wood

    First set of stabilized Spalted Maple. The BVV stabilizer seems dark? Came out pretty good though I was happy with end result. Still have to get some O rings chamber is leaking where gauge goes in. Not planning on doing a lot but it should be fun experimenting!
  4. Gliden07

    Stabilizing Juice

    Wondering if anyone has tried the BVV wood stabilizer. They say it's "SUPERIOR TO CACTUS JUICE"!! BVV sells both and the pricing is really close so that's not an issue. Also what is a good epoxy to cast with to make scales. This is gonna be a Winter project! Just want the best product for my...
  5. Gliden07

    Small forced Burner

    I like to build a lot of my own equipment for a lot of reasons I like it, usually learn a ton of stuff and I usually save a fair amount of money (most times). I Decided to build a small forced air burner as an experiment. It took a little bit of fore thought but came together pretty quick. Still...
  6. Gliden07

    Hybrid Burners

    Did these guys go out of business? Was looking thru some old information regarding a replacement for ITC100. I was told they had a replacment that was half the cost of the ITC. Can't seem to find their web page?
  7. Gliden07

    New forge

    So I've been working on piecing together my forced burner forge. In the meantime I needed something that I could just run for a bit. I didn't want to spend 3-400 bucks so I ordered a Mr Volcano single burner forge! $75 delivered to me off of Ebay! Got it today and have to admit it's a lot nicer...
  8. Gliden07

    Felt Platen Duro

    Question finally getting around to building my platen but was wondering how hard or soft of a felt I should get, Durometer rating? Also any recommendations on source? I've checked McMaster and Zoro. Seem 35A Duro is the "hardest" they have.
  9. Gliden07

    2x72 Surface Grinder

    To those that have a 2x72 Surface grinder attachment how do you clean the metal dust off of the Magnets. I've been thinking of getting one but was concerned about the build up of filings!!
  10. Gliden07

    Thinning Contact Cement

    Can you use plain ole Laquer Thinner to thin Barge cement?
  11. Gliden07

    Bandsaw Blade

    Went to a Hammerin over the weekend. They had a couple guys there tailgating. I bought a 3' long 12" wide piece of Bandsaw Blade 15n20 for $15!! Wish he had more!!
  12. Gliden07

    Post vise

    I got a post vice at a garage sale cheap. There is a problem with it. The jaws don't meet when clamped. Wanted to know how I should fix, fill in with weld (hard face or a standard rod) or grind/ mill flat. Maybe a boat anchor?? LOL!! PS The vice is complete no missing parts.
  13. Gliden07

    HF Chisel Set

    I'm in need of some hot work type Chisels. I was gonna make them but was wondering if I could use a Harbor Freight Chisel set and modify them to the shapes I need (way less money then buying all the different size steels I need/want) the 12 piece set says they are Vanadium Steel I can't seem to...
  14. Gliden07

    Tire Hammer

    Anyone know where to look for a used tire hammer?? I live in Mass and everything I've found is in the Southern US or out West! It's crazy!!
  15. Gliden07

    Singer 29-4

    Just bought a Singer 29-4. Hoping it will speed up leather work that I do. Anyone have a source for parts if needed?
  16. Gliden07

    First hammer attempt

    So I tried using the stripper die I made for my press. It was a 75% success! LOL!! The drift I made using a transfer punch started to melt because I forgot to cool between pressing and heating. The Drift rounded out so I had a bit of a time knocking it out of the head. Other than that issue it...
  17. Gliden07

    New Hammer die

    Working on a set of dies for my press to help Drift the eyes. It will start them but I will have to manually finish them with another hand drift I have. Still have a couple small details to figure out and have to shorten and reharden the drift.
  18. Gliden07

    Barong dimensions

    I'm thinking of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to make a Barong. 18-22 inches overall. I've done a little bit of research and all the sites say "Thick and Heavy" I was gonna try for something relatively historically correct so I guess how thick for stock, how wide on blade and are...
  19. Gliden07

    Stripper Dies for press

    Working on a set of stripper dies to drift holes to make a hammer or 2. Let me know what you think? It's mocked up now need to cut about an inch off of drift and either make or buy a collar to weld to upper plate to hold drift. And then weld it all up. Still some more playing around to do.
  20. Gliden07

    2x72 36 Grit belts

    Just a question why are 2x72 36G belts more than other grits? Is it a supply and demand thing or just an up charge? Just wondering!