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  1. pocomoonskyeyes

    Ricasso/Plunge line

    Is a plunge at the ricasso really necessary? It seems that every knife I have ever had break was at the ricasso plunge line. Granted they were all El Cheapo's that did this, but it seems that this is/would be a weak point in a blade. On my latest knife attempt I just beveled it up to the...
  2. pocomoonskyeyes

    Unable to make Blade 2010

    I am Heartbroken. I wanted so much to go but We lost a U-joint and there goes that.... Tracy I contacted Mr.Ritter at Kniferights.Org as I had already purchased My tickets for the "Sharper Future" Breakfast. He is transferring that slot to you. I'm sure someone can use it. Maybe next year.....
  3. pocomoonskyeyes

    At home with my Chuck Gedraitis knife

    I just thought I would show the Chuck Gedraitis knife here in my Happy little hands. It is the one I won from Knifedogs Benefit Build Off Raffle #2.
  4. pocomoonskyeyes

    Straightening Antler?

    Does anyone know how this is done??
  5. pocomoonskyeyes


    OK this is something that I think should be Covered and read before ANYONE makes the First knife. Personally I'm kinda' fond of all my body parts, Might not look the best in the world, But I like 'em anyway. I know many may have had experience working around tools or Shops, Maybe for their...
  6. pocomoonskyeyes

    Happy happy Joy!! Cephas Ham Bowie Info!!

    I am on Cloud NINE!!! As some of you may know, I am particularly drawn to the Cephas Ham Bowie, on Display at the Alamo. After some searching, I finally found how to get in touch with the Curator of the museum and asked for the Dimensions on said knife. I just Got a reply and he is from...
  7. pocomoonskyeyes

    Question on Handle size

    Okay my wife wants me to make her a personal knife. The thing is, is that she has small hands. I want to make her a knife hat "Fits" her. Do any of you have any "formula" for determining the appropriate size handle?? Her hand measures 3 1/2" across x 6 1/4" from her wrist to fingertip of her...
  8. pocomoonskyeyes

    My Mook Made Knife

    Some things that do not show in the pictures.... The Oak handles you may notice have what appears to be "Tiger stripes" which have the semi precious stone "Tiger Eye" effect when tilted in the light,which I think is awesome! Mook wanted me to give it a good workout and I still have some things...
  9. pocomoonskyeyes

    Tools for a beginner

    OK, I am seriously thinking about starting to make some knives myself. My question to you, the experts is this: What tools and price for them, will it take for me to have a GOOD set-up? It isn't like I am going to go into this full time,but maybe as a Hobby(starting out) and maybe a side...
  10. pocomoonskyeyes

    Knife handle question

    Okay I have never done any knife making or kit put together of any kind. I have a coffin handle Bowie and some Goncalo Alves scales. It calls for 6 .120" pins OR 2 .180" pins,bolts etc. What is the best way to do this? I didn't see a tutorial on this... but maybe I'm blind? What do I need to do...
  11. pocomoonskyeyes

    Best HC knifemaker?

    OK this may be a silly question,buuuut... Who in your opinion is the best maker of HC Fixed Blades and who is the best maker of slipjoints and Folders? I am honestly less concerned with appearances,than Performance. I'm not as much interested in eye candy as working well. I know all makers...
  12. pocomoonskyeyes

    Hello from Kentucky

    Hello I have a friend who told me about this site, so thought I would stop in and check it out. I have a few knives, Below is a picture of some of them. [/IMG]