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  2. Les Voorhies

    Model 10F

    At the request of a customer I finally got around to making the model 10 into a flipper.
  3. Les Voorhies

    Model 9

    Model 9 with polished titanium pivot rings, liners and pocket clip, CTS-XHP blade and blue twill G10.
  4. Les Voorhies

    Simplex flipper

    I finished this today and decided I needed to get back to taking some better photos, it's not great but it's better than the cell phone pics I've been doing lately :)
  5. Les Voorhies

    Final photos for Blade

    So it will be 10 knives, I gave up on trying to save the 11th yesterday. I still don't know what I'm calling the new prototype's, I'll have to make up my mind soon because I need to print info cards for them.
  6. Les Voorhies

    Blade show info and preview

    I'm officially back at knifemaking full time, I will not have a table this year but Jon Ukman (Ebosshoss) has graciously allowed me to sell my knives at his table (16B). For dealers, I'll have 5 or 6 knives available on Thursday and early friday, I'll be at the galleria by 3:30 or 4:00, you can...
  7. Les Voorhies

    VFD problem

    I have a KMG with the 2HP variable speed, it was running fine the 1st half of the day but a little while ago when I turned it on it sounded and felt wrong, it kind of vibrated. I shut it off and looked ofr the source of the vibration, couldn't find anything so I turned it back on and it just...
  8. Les Voorhies

    Small and extra small model 13's available 11/19/11

    The small has a 2.5", .110"thick S30V blade, 3.375" closed, 3/16 hardened pivot w/IKBS. The extra small has a 2", .110"thick S30V blade, 2.8" closed, 1/8" hardened pivot w/IKBS. Both have .090" titanium frames with ty-dye anodized overlays. Neither one has a pocket clip because they just...
  9. Les Voorhies

    Model 1 bali for sale

    Sorry I didn't photo shop this one, I've got a bad headache and I just want to crash :( Anyway, this is the standard model 1, the blade is 1/8" thick CPM S30V, almost 4" long (I designed these to have a 3.5" blade but I think my pattern has been growing), 4-3/4" handles, 5-1/4" closed, .090...
  10. Les Voorhies

    New Prototype for sale

    I've been wanting to do a flipper with an external stop pit for a while. My first flipper had one but I didn't like the fact that it constrained my designs. With this configuration it's easy to clean out so debris won't impede the blades operation. I've already made a few changes to the...
  11. Les Voorhies

    Model 10's for sale

    I have 2 available, they are frame locks, w/ orange g10 and .125 ti liners, one is blasted and tumbled, one is satin finished , stainless clips (tip down). The blades are just a hair under 2.5", S30V, about 1/8" thick. 3.5" closed, 6" overall. Price - $325 ea. + $10 USPS insured priority...
  12. Les Voorhies

    Model 11 Special price

    This knife was made for a customer overseas and he had a hard time operating the flipper and I made the blade a little longer than he wanted it, so I made a new one for him and I have this one available. It's a model 11 frame lock, it has 1/8" titanium frame, ti back spacer, ti pocket clip set...
  13. Les Voorhies

    Win this knife

    I hope this is ok, I was afraid it wouldn't get much notice down in my forum so I just wanted to post this up here a little higher where it might be seen. If you have to move it I understand :) My wife is going on a mission trip to Haiti in April 2011, I have set up a temporary page and forum...
  14. Les Voorhies

    Model 11 available

    There are some small details on this one that I just couldn't get to pop in the photo, it has a good strong detent and the blade flies out faster than most auto's in any position with zero wrist action. Specs are: Blade - 3.5", .140 thick CPM S30V, two tone satin finish. Handle - 4.4"...
  15. Les Voorhies

    Model 11

    I finished this one up this evening.
  16. Les Voorhies

    Need a couple sheaths

    I don't normally do leather for my fixed blades but I need to on these and I don't know what's available here. So I'll just show what I need and the first one that can fill that need gets the job. I need a pouch style sheath for (2) 8.25" fixed blades (photo below). I think I want wet formed...
  17. Les Voorhies

    Model 9 (large) available

    I finished this one earlier this week. The specs are: Blade - 4.25" S35VN, .200 thick, two tone satin finished. Frame - 5.35" .090 6AL4V titanium w/orange G-10 back spacer. Scales - Titanium bolsters, orange G-10 scales. Pivot - 1/4" precision, hardened, w/IKBS Clip - Stainless, tip down...
  18. Les Voorhies

    Latest model 9

    I finished this one yesterday, i was pretty happy with the way the tac-ti (from Great lakes waterjet) came out on a couple knives I did for G2 so I figured I'd do a model 9 with it. The specs are: Blade - 3.65" S35VN, .165 thick, two tone satin finished. Frame - 4.65" .090 6AL4V titanium...
  19. Les Voorhies

    Proto liner lock available

    This is a one of a kind that I made in my spare time before G2, I am planning to refine the design and make another version of it in the future. The specs are: Blade - .2.5" x .140 thick CPM 154, two tone satin finished. Handle - 3.5", .090 thick ti liners, anodized Tac-Ti (from GLWJ) scales...
  20. Les Voorhies

    Model 1 bali availavle

    I have one of the four bali's I made for G2 left, the specs are: Blade - 3.8" x .140 thick CPM S30V, two tone satin finished. Handle - 4.7", .180 thick ti, satin finished and rainbow anodized. Overall - 8.5" Pivot - 1/8" barrel pivots w/IKBS Other - Titanium latch Price - $475 + $11...