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  1. Bennie Lovejoy

    First carving

    This is the first carving I've ever tried in leather. Pics are not the greatest but I think it came out good. Hope you enjoy. Any and all critics or tips very welcome and appreciated.
  2. Bennie Lovejoy

    Stacked leather handle

    I have a stacked leather handle to form and I was wondering what tools would be best to form it other than my sander which seems to just burn the leather. Any recommendations? Thanks Bennie
  3. Bennie Lovejoy

    collector's advice

    A boy from work asked me the other day if I could clean and sharpen a couple of knives for him. sure I said. One of the knives was a pocket folder that just has some rust on the blade. But the other is a model 1880 hunting knife from the Springfield armory. From all of the info I could find on...
  4. Bennie Lovejoy

    A liitle advice please.

    I have an upcoming order for three knives that will have the names of the owners on them. My question is where to put my makers mark and the owners names? Normally I would put my makers mark on what I consider the left side of the blade (looking down on the spine). If I put there names on this...
  5. Bennie Lovejoy

    Fighter for sale

    11 1/4" OAL 3/32" thick 5160. 6 3/4" blade length. Brass gaurd. Zebrawood handle. Asking $120 shipped con us and canada. Sorry only postal money orders please. Gun not included.:D
  6. Bennie Lovejoy

    1 take on Bill T.'s design

    With permission of course. 3/16" 5160 11"oal 5"blade maple handle with S.S. pins. vine filework on spine. still need to make a sheath for it but thought I would give ya'll a peak. All comments and critiques are welcome. Thanks for looking Bennie
  7. Bennie Lovejoy

    Not exactly A knife........

    But not a sword either :) (please feel free to move if this is the wrong spot). Just thought I would let you all in on what my latest project was. My neighbor does a lot of logging and wanted something a little more stout than the machetes available from Wally world. So I came up with this...
  8. Bennie Lovejoy

    Finishing G11

    Evening folks. I searched but couldnt find anything about this. Whats the best way to finish G11? Do I just sand it to say around 600 grit? Or higher? will it need oil or anything to coat it? Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks. Bennie
  9. Bennie Lovejoy


    Hello all. Just wanted to introduce myself. My names Bennie I'm 43 and live in southeast kentucky. I have been making knives for about 8 months now and really enjoy it. I was introduced to this site by Sean Cochran so I thought I would come on over and see what this forum is about. Hope you all...