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  1. GSC

    Ironwood Bowie w/ hamon...

    Your work is fabulous you should go full time :-) Gordon
  2. GSC

    Liner lock folder with Ironwood

    Very Nice Mr. Doyle, where do you get Ti pivot screws? Gordon
  3. GSC

    Folder with W2 and G-10

    Bearings or washers? How does it feel, looks fab-u-lus!!! Gordon
  4. GSC

    Gambler's bowie...

    Over the top again, very nice... Gordon
  5. GSC

    Chris Reese Sebanza folder and M. Prater Painted Pony pocket knives

    I think John covered it. Gordon
  6. GSC

    A quick look at one of my projects...

    What it needs is More Cowbell...
  7. GSC

    Forged hunter- All blacked out

    Smoknn Hot... Gordon
  8. GSC

    S-guard Bowie- Bronze and textured redwood burl

    Very nice work John! Gordon
  9. GSC

    Utility/EDC with two tone g-10

    Hey John When are you getting orange G-10 on one of those killer knives of yours? Gordon
  10. GSC

    Camp/Utility in black

    Hey John that is over the top... Gordon
  11. GSC

    Camp/Utility in black

    Looking good Big John. gordon
  12. GSC

    Pewter skull Giveaway

    I am in... thanks Jeff Gordon
  13. GSC

    3V Hunter

    Very clean and the fit and finish look great. Gordon
  14. GSC

    Tree Rat with Bolsters

    Thank you have a Merry Chrismas. Gordon
  15. GSC

    Tree Rat with Bolsters

    What kind of epoxy do you use to keep that thing togethere? Gordon
  16. GSC

    Our Newest Forum -- All Things Kitchen...

    Good idea thank you. Gordon
  17. GSC

    Hamon Tutorial -LOTS of pics

    Thanks Stephan for the great pic's Gordon
  18. GSC

    Sebenza Glow in the Dark Backspacer's

    Great post, can you tell me where you bought the glow in the dark mat? thanks Gordon
  19. GSC

    Alpha Echo

    Very nice Bill, its a beast I'm sure that you have tested it having you line of work. Gordon
  20. GSC

    3 going to Boise

    Great job John, congrads on the best new maker. Hurry up with those pic's Bing! Gordon