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    Those that own a KMG

    Scherar-Not sure how the prices compare but have you looked at a Wilmont? That's Chris Williams' grinder and he has a forum here. Might want to check him out. His work rests are adjustable.
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    Damascus wakizashi

    That's an awesome looking Waki! Well Done!
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    $1000 budget grinder for part timer

    Since y'all have mentioned Wilmont I'll chime in. I've got the big Wilmont grinder which is awesome but the Little Buddy is nothing to sneeze at either and I've talked to a lot of beginning knifemakers who have invested in a Little Buddy and love it. And Chris Williams who makes the Wilmont is a...
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    opinions on neck knives needed.

    I make what I call a "fixed blade pocket knife" and make a kydex sheath for it. I set the sheath up so it will accommodate a Spyderco G-Clip or small Tek-lock belt clip. They sell pretty good because they're small enough to easily fit in your front or back pocket but you can also carry them on...
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    let's talk work rest bevel grinding jigs.

    Guys-Since I started reading this thread I've been experimenting with jigs before actually grinding a knife with one... kinda seeing what might work best for me. For the most part things are working but I can't quite get my bevels to match when I change sides. I'm thinking it may be because my...
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    Third time's a charm

    Very NICE! Like the combination of materials!
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    Who likes Desert Ironwood?

    I do indeed love ironwood! Ben those are some good lookin' knives and scales!
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    More Huntsman axes finished!

    Ben-Those look GREAT! I would love to see one in person!
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    I got my first 2x72 but

    Tom Mayo said one time that you need to grind 300-400 blades and then you start getting the hang of it.
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    My humble little hatchets...

    Those are NICE!
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    Is it cheating?

    I think that at the end of the day honesty is what it's all about. Be up front with how you got to the final product and most people will be fine with that. I've got a HF bandsaw that has cut many blanks but I was not really making much progress in building up inventory since I'm a part time...
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    I like 'em!
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    1095 hunter dressed in snakewood

    That's a good looking knife!
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    Hello from North Cacky-lacky!

    Hi Guys! My name is Mark Hall and I'm a hobbyist knifemaker from the Triangle area of North Carolina. I've been trying my hand at making knives for 4 or 5 years now. I've learned a lot but still have a whole lot more to learn. I Joined Knife Dogs a few years ago but my time visiting the...
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    Mammoth, Nichols and damasteel Sazri

    Good lookin' knife. I like it a lot!