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    Late yesterday afternoon, I lost my wife and best friend. She passed away in her sleep while I was in the shop working. I ask those of you who are believers to to pray for God almighty to bring her soul into his presence & give her a place in heaven. Thanks, Ken
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    Greg Shahan

    Greg, please contact me immediately, thanks. Ken
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    Greg Shahan

    Greg, please contact me immediately, thanks Ken
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    A new Ray Richards design WIP

    For those that are interested (and who wouldn't be) please check out Ray's page on this board. Ray has designed a new shape with a new/but old steel. This is a work in progress & you'll find it very interesting.
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    Hi from a newby ....

    Just wanted to introduce myself to y'all. I'm not a maker but am actively engraged in engraving firearms & knives (I.E. , Bruce Bump's newest dagger) and have been doing so for 51 years. After all this time with guns, I have become very interested in the art of finely made knives ---- WOW, what...