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  1. JAWilliams

    Unwelcome Guest

    Katie and I were sitting it the living room and heard something trying to get in at the a/c unit. Well we opened the blinds and this is what we saw. Sorry about the quality, trying to hold a light and snap pics. Yes it was a coon. And he wanted in really bad. Well we called 911, and they...
  2. JAWilliams


    Well spring break has come and gone. Katie and I took Roman to the zoo as we do every year for spring break. Here is a couple of photos. These were taken with my Sony camcorder. Thought they came out rather well. It was raining that day but it was alot of fun
  3. JAWilliams

    Prayers for Joplin Missouri

    As most everyone has seen on television, Joplin was hit by a tornado. Actually several. Katie, Roman and I are alright. Right now if you could pray for the people here it would be a HUGE help. A third of Joplin was leveled and over half the city is without power and water right now. We are...
  4. JAWilliams

    New Kitchen Knife

    At the AR knife show I order a chef knife from J. Neilson. We talked for several minutes about what I was wanting. I wanted a smaller blade (8") with micarta scales and an antiquing finish. Well I was not expecting it till June or July. Well I got a surprise Saturday. It was delivered to me...
  5. JAWilliams

    Straight Razor Repair and Restore

    Ok thought I would share my project with everyone. I got these straight razors very cheap. There are reasons for this, most of them are in very bad shape and some are in fair shape. The first pic is a group shot. Now you can see why they went so cheap. What I am going to do is remove...
  6. JAWilliams

    Are they the same?

    Well here is the question, are pan head screws the same as button head screws for folders? If not where can I find pan head screws? Thanks, James
  7. JAWilliams

    Guess who? I'm back, did you miss me?!

    Hey all you dogs. I am back!!! After going back to work after the neck surgery it was 7 days a week. Then came the great thing of the computer crashing and having to get a new computer. Then deer season came. Yes this year I got the big buck not Katie. Christmas came and went then there was a...
  8. JAWilliams

    Surgury Today

    Today I have surgury on my neck. They are going to fuse it in two places. For the last three years I have fought mygraines and it was only getting worse. The surgeon knew how they started and what they were doing. So this will hopefully take care of that. Just wanted all of the knifedogs to...
  9. JAWilliams

    A.G. Russell Knife Show Thread

    Well tomorrow starts the A.G. Russell knife show. So I started this for pics that come from there. I will post as I get a chance and permission for pics. If you are going and get some pics please post them. And who all is going? I know for sure that Wayne Jerrett, CJ Bull and Allen Newberry are...
  10. JAWilliams

    Blaze Ceramic Belts

    Hello everyone. I have just started using the Blaze Ceramic Belts that Tracy cares at USA KNIFEMAKER SUPPLY ( Let me tell you they are great!!!!!! I have been listening to everyone about them and decided to try them. I have rough ground six blade and have...
  11. JAWilliams

    I'm back and grinding

    Hello everyone!!! Been a while since I have posted or been on KD. So lets start at the beginning. Back in May I had to change medications. Boy that was ruff!!! I had some very bad side effects. Bad enough I call Tracy and told him I would be off the forum for a while. And bad enough that my job...
  12. JAWilliams


    Ok it has been awhile so here goes. 8 lanyards that I have made. Rules: Post I'm in ONE POST PER PERSON Since I have to work tonight and can't say when I get break to do the drawing. Murph said he would help me with that. He will get the number from and with post the...
  13. JAWilliams

    And here we go

    Well here is the first pics of getting power to my shop. I am using a square D box. I had to have my father in law punch a new hole. As you can tell there is one very short wire. Getting ready to mark for bolts. Holes drilled and bolted to the wall. Well looks level...
  14. JAWilliams

    Jeff Pearce fire starter knife and lanyards

    Jeff posted this knife when he finished it and I am the very proud owner of it. It is a great little knife and let me tell you it is sharp. It fits in an altoid can so it is great for a bob bag or a small pack. And here is some if Jeff's lanyards he has tied. He is the paracord pimp deluxe...
  15. JAWilliams

    J. Neilson knives

    Well Katie and I have our first J. Neilson knives. Hers is the neck thorn with the Red Kydex and the other two are mine. Hope you like the pics, they are my first with a light box I built. Have to change bulbs out. J. Thanks we love them and they are the bomb!!!!! Oh I tied the lanyard.
  16. JAWilliams

    So how is spring working out for ya?

    Well friday it was a beautiful day. upper 60's and low 70's. Could not have asked for a better day. Then came Saturday and it started snowing. Got up this morning and this is the results. They are saying we got between 6"-8" of snow. Don't get me wrong but I was looking forward to...
  17. JAWilliams

    Building Damascus with Billy Helton

    Yesterday I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Billy Helton face to face and getting to build some damascus with him. It was a great day and I had a great time. I learned more in one day talking with Billy and working on damascus than I ever had. Billy got me going and then he stepped back...
  18. JAWilliams

    A very late Hello

    Well this is strange but going by Murphda2's rules for the give away you have to introduce yourself. I looked back at all my posts and have never done this. So I am James Williams. I love knives and building them. Have had some medical issues over the last 18 month and couldn't build...
  19. JAWilliams

    Need Help Dogs

    Ok here is what is going on. I am looking at the straight talk cell phone plan. I am trying to cut monthly bills and this seems like a good plan (I will share were I am looking with anyone that wants). But it is a monthly plan. So I need people to call and talk for a minute or two. Let me know...
  20. JAWilliams

    Poor Dog

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is undoubtedly the most expressive picture I've ever seen of an animal. You can almost hear him say these words: "You want me to do what?" The look on this dog's face is priceless...body...