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    Flat or Hollow grind

    Just a little survey.....what type of grind do you prefer and why? I like hollow grinds on most stock removal blades i do because i find them easier to finish/polish on a wheel......I like flat grinds for forged blades and damascus especially to show the pattern best.....I find flat grinds a...
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    working desert ironwood

    I haven,t used desert ironwood for a while and i had forgotten how quickly it plugs up the grit on the sanding belts........any suggestions on shaping handles from this is even plugging the teeth on my coarse files.......????
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    liner and spacer material

    I like to use red liner material a lot and red and black mixed for spacers.......I have found that the g10 red and black spacer material .....especially the red is not as nice as the fibre liner material.....the color isn't as there something that i am doing wrong or is that...
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    curly maple

    I am looking for some high quality curly maple,koa,birch,etc for axe and hatchet handles.......I like the tighter banding like you see on the good black powder rifles .....I am not looking for a bargain .......I want the good stuff.......has to be larger pieces to do axe handles...
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    curly maple

    I just finished a couple of small hunting hatchets with curly maple handles......I used 5 or 6 coats of dark walnut danish oil on the curly maple.....I wasn,t happy with the finish as it was not as glossy as i have had before......I thought what the heck and went to the buffer with white...
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    curly maple

    has anybody used potassium permanganate to dye curly maple........i have some on order from amazon and could use any tips on using it.....i am not satisfied with the stains i have been using as i would like the grain to pop out better
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    ancient sea cow bone

    i anyone have experience using sea cow bone for handles........does it need stabilizing? seems to have a porous texture that will collect buffing compound if polished........i was thinking a super glue finish.....any suggestions?
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    forge scale

    Hey guys......I just finished forging 3 billets of layer damascus from 24 in circular saw blade material <L6?> and 15n20.......everything welded up fine but I ended up with extremely hard forge scale on the surface of the billets.......I am wondering what is causing this as I was fluxing entire...
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    warp in the quench

    I have been doing something recently that i first tried because i was curious and it has been working extremely well for me.........i dont usually have a lot of problems with warping in the quench but as i do forge a bunch of filleting knives out of circular saw blades occasionally i get some...
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    canadian giant #2 power hammer

    does anyone know what size this hammer would be......i have a chance to buy and seller is not sure.....thanks
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    hello from thunder bay

    i am an old knife maker from the great white north with 45 years in the dream and still loving it. i make mostly fixed blades and axes and fantasy stuff out of stainless and hi-carbon steel.i forge cable;chainsaw chain;layer damascus and mosaic damascus…….i use a lot of planer blade…circular...