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  1. Drew Riley

    New toy

    Looks good! I think I remember seeing something similar at my last job. We used it for making gaskets for some of valves we worked on and what not.
  2. Drew Riley

    Shields and Maker's Marks

    The vast majority of makers who use shield are using traditional shield patterns. As others have said, they're available from a small number of suppliers. (IIRC, Leading Edge Fabrication still offers them, as well as the parser plates.) There's no set rule per say. Then again, there are a small...
  3. Drew Riley

    ULU for my brother

    Cool design. On the next one, I'd try adding a primary bevel to thin the edge out even more, or even just taking your edge up a bit higher. For cleaning up excess epoxy squeeze out, I normally do one of two things: 1) I'll let the excess dry to a semi-hard state and pick it off with a sharpened...
  4. Drew Riley


    Best thing you can do is report the individual posts as spam and move on.
  5. Drew Riley

    Blades Warping

    I've got a pile of 1/8" shank carbide endmills that I've broken one way or another. Last night I chucked one into my hand drill and rounded the end off with a ceramic belt. I then just press fit it into the end of a scrap piece of 9/16" diameter stainless round that I had laying around, and now...
  6. Drew Riley

    Blades Warping

    Well, I just tried your advise, and now instead of a U shaped blade, I have a W shaped blade. :rolleyes:
  7. Drew Riley

    More Dumb Questions about Mills (tooling edition)

    If you can, get a mill with an R8 compatible spindle. Along with that, you'll need an R8 collet set. I wouldn't recommend getting the cheapest set you can find, but you don't necessarily need the most expensive either. Next you'll want a decent Vise. Get an actual milling machine vise...
  8. Drew Riley

    Equipment info

    There's a good chance yours is single in/ 220 "3 phase" out. Your motor name plate will usually say the phase of the motor. Single to single VFDs do exist, but they're few and far between, and not that great for grinder applications. Of course, you also have DC motors and controls, which will...
  9. Drew Riley

    Equipment info

    Variable speed via a VFD (variable frequency drive) requires a 3 phase motor. The VFD (at least the VFDs we are referring to) uses standard single phase voltage for the input, but outputs a "simulated" 3 phase voltage to drive the motor (220VAC, not 480VAC)
  10. Drew Riley

    Equipment info

    There are similar brands (very likely made in the same factory) on eBay all the time for comparable prices. They're definitely not as "cheap" as they used to be, but nothing is. I'd also keep an eye out on the surplus/used market too. Granted, a 2hp, 3 phase, 56C frame motor is fairly specific...
  11. Drew Riley

    Equipment info

    You're likely not going to find a "turn key" grinder for $1000. You could certainly build one within that budget, though it may take some careful shopping/sourcing of parts. IIRC, the Revolution grinder kit sold by Brian House ( averages about $1k, though it does require some basic...
  12. Drew Riley

    What do you recon this metal is?

    Hard to tell from your picture, but those may very well be galvanized. Maybe use them for pattern templates? Can they be used for liners? Maybe? I'd see how readily they rust first. Galvanic corrosion might be an issue down the road.
  13. Drew Riley

    Portable Band Saws

    Ah, I see what you're saying now. Sounds like it's time to modify the circuitry of the Bosch.... ;)
  14. Drew Riley

    Harold Corby

    Must have missed this thread the first time around. Good stuff!
  15. Drew Riley

    Portable Band Saws

    I made up a switched outlet box that my Porta-Band plugs into. You could make one for about $15 worth of electrical parts from the hardware store. My saw plugs into the outlet, and a standard switch turns power on or off. I can't remember how I locked my trigger... I think I use a small c-clamp...
  16. Drew Riley

    Clip point in 1095

    Clean and relatively simple. I like it! I agree with jmforge, a swedge would be a nice addition.
  17. Drew Riley

    Portable Band Saws

    You're likely not going to find a metal cutting bandsaw blade sold with more than 24TPI. It will certainly do the job, but again, if you push too hard, you'll start breaking teeth off. Because of how thin 1/16" stock is, the 24TPI will still want to cut pretty aggressively, so just take it...
  18. Drew Riley

    Portable Band Saws

    Just a quick tip on TPI selection: You typically want about 3 teeth in the material at any given time. Otherwise you risk just shearing the teeth right off if you feed too aggressively.
  19. Drew Riley

    Budget belt grinder

  20. Drew Riley

    Budget belt grinder

    A backer block is basically just something rigid to wrap your sandpaper around. I've used anything from scraps of micarta or G10, to wood, or even files. If you glue a piece of leather or rubber to your backer block and then wrap your paper around that, it'll give the paper a little more give...