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  1. Lorne Sieben

    Honey......Bee different she said.

    :) I'm using my laser and imagination.Drop point in S35VN steel with Nickel Silver dove tailed bolster.G10 Yellow and Black.
  2. Lorne Sieben

    Anyone interested in Laser Engraving.

    I have a 20w fiber laser engraver and I'm not afraid to use it....As long as I'm wearing goggles that is. The laser engraving can be darkened by slowing it down.I have a few patterns made and can sometimes use photographs.Any photo needs to be changed into black and white.So some photo's don't...
  3. Lorne Sieben


    Hi,I'm Lorne Sieben from Saskatchewan, Canada.I like to make knives and craft and learn more things than are healthy.:)I also wear sunglasses allot.:cool: